June is always a busy month — between graduations, Father’s Day, and of course the huge annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions conference.

As always, we’re excited to highlight some great posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) this past month!

Here, in no particular order, are some of our June 2019 faves:


There’s a special kind of bond that many in the Diabetes Community feel when we find our tribe, and the emotions and support that come along with those meetups was captured beautifully in this post by Renza in Australia. Definitely worth a read!


We were so very sorry to hear that a dear friend and incredible advocate in our D-Community has passed away. Kim Hislop was an inspiration and true light in so many lives. She was one of our DiabetesMine Patient Voices Winners several years ago, and we shared Kim’s story not too long ago. We loved reading this tribute by Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness. RIP, Dear Kim.


As noted, June marks the annual American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions conference, convening ~15,000 experts from around the globe to focus on the latest in diabetes research and treatments. We appreciated D-Dad Tom Karlya’s take on that conference, in a post titled “A Lesson in Trust.” He touches on some of the big news developments announced in conjunction with the conference, but also the evolution in language referring to diabetes technology that he observed there.


Celebrating Diabetes Dads lit up the DOC thanks to Father’s Day in mid-June, and among the posts from around the online space that caught our eye are those from industry players like One Drop, Medtronic’s Loop, and Lilly Diabetes. There were also noteworthy Father’s Day posts from nonprofit orgs JDRF and Beyond Type 1. We echo all of the appreciation being expressed for all the D-Dads out there!


Ugh, this one from Molly over at the Hugging the Cactus blog is painful to read, about her “$2,000 mistake” relating to her doctor’s office billing. Many of us have probably been in the same boat to some extent before, so we felt ourselves wincing along with her.


Speaking of costs, there was this Instagram post by @BlackDiabeticGirl that had us nodding and cheering, “Heck Yeah!” We definitely need one of these shirts for ourselves!


Our friend Frank over at Type 1 Writes shares his experience with a primary care physician recently, dealing with those “intro diabetes” questions that can be so annoying and feel unrelated to the actual reason for that particular appointment… Yep, that’s how it is when we’re constantly under the medical microscope!


We’ve missed seeing posts by Sarah over at Coffee & Insulin, but this new one (“A Letter from the Faraway Nearby”) shows she certainly has a lot going on in life these days. It’s certainly worth a read, and as always her words are beautiful and brutally honest: “I wanted to bring hope, but I didn’t realize that I couldn’t give away something I didn’t have, and underneath anything else I wrote about living with type 1 diabetes, there was always fear and frustration…”


You probably know the phrase “Let them eat cake!” Well, in our diabetes world, we caught sightings from local D-meetups of an actual cake in the shape of a pancreas decorated with the tagline “Dead Pancreas Club.” We hear this is a creation by Rebecca Redmond in London, Ontario, who was diagnosed in March 1999 during high school. She hadn’t met another T1D in person until 2018, when she attended a Connected in Motion Slipstream event and made many new D-peep friends! Celebrating her 20th diaversary this year with several Diabuddies, she’s made a few different versions of the pancreas cake — stemming from her hobby as an artistic home baker at Reba’s Artsy Edibles in Canada. Whether you refer to yourself as pancreatically-challenged, part of a “Lazy Pancreas Club” or joke that your insulin-making organ is apparently dead, we love Rebecca’s fun edible creation (that also flies in the face of what PWDs supposedly can’t eat)!


If you haven’t witnessed the Power of Sharing Stories as it relates to life with diabetes and peer support, definitely check out this post by Beta Change. Go, diabetes story sharing within the DOC!


We enjoyed finding the My Artificial Pancreas blog by longtime type 1 Mary Patton, tracking her diagnosis in 1980 all the way up to how she’s now using DIY closed loop technology. And we really love the subhead of that blog, about “kicking the butt of type one diabetes!” 🙂


Yep, we surely have come a long way in the world of diabetes as Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium reminds us, but of course the little things still matter — such as guarding against the “next time” of scary Lows or whatever diabetes may throw at us.


Finally, as we head into this next month of July, our D-Community will once again gather in Orlando for the annual CWD Friends For Life Conference, with this year marking that event’s 20th anniversary! Check out this year’s “Docu-Diabetes V” project, a community-wide effort to collect 60-second videos with personal POVs on life with diabetes. Make sure to send in your own homemade video by July 5, 2019!


Got input on any of these posts? Or did any others catch your eye? We’re always seeking recommendations for next month’s roundup, so please email us, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook to share your thoughts.