Welcome to our monthly roundup of outstanding blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). This is the first of 2019, where we share our faves for the month of January — in no particular order.

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* * * America… (sigh). A big focus for many in the USA in January was the longest-ever partial federal government shutdown and unfortunately it may be the first of more to follow. With 800,000 people going without pay, Many media outlets captured stories of these federal furloughed workers who couldn’t afford their medications — including insulin. Just two examples of those stories are found here and here. These accounts certainly tug at the heart strings, showing the human cost of politics impacting people where it hurts most.


* * * Speaking of government and politics, our friends at Glu have a very important and well-done piece of journalism on the issue of type 1 care and Immigrants. This three-part series focuses on the complicated and quite political topic, and no matter how one feels about the issue of immigration, it’s worth a read to see the real-world costs to these fellow human beings.


* * * When it comes to living with diabetes, it’s not always about thriving — but rather just a matter of surviving, staying alive and managing “just enough.” That notion of not aiming to be any kind of hero is what Renza in Australia focuses on in her recent “Survive. Alive. Thrive” post at Diabetogenic.


* * * Our hearts go out to Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness who lost her niece to suicide recently, and she shares about that in this post. Sending hugs and healing thoughts to you and family, Kel.


* * * Did you see the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who took part in the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” effort and wore her own boots decorated with a blood drop in recognition of someone she cares about with type 1 diabetes? Well, D-Dad Tom Karlya had a chance to interview her and it’s worth checking out!


* * * Conflicting statements from medical professionals is something we often deal with, and Molly over at Hugging the Cactus recently ran into that with a primary care doctor talking about “preferred” A1C levels (versus what her endo advises).


* * * The Big M… that would be Menopause. Sarah at A Bumpy Life blog shares some details about the intersection of that and type 1 diabetes in a woman’s life.


* * * Ever think about what life would be like with T1D if you ventured to the opposite side of the world? Longtime D-peep Anna Kliff from Canada visited Japan and other parts of Asia recently, and she shares her travel experiences on her Rollercoaster Ride of Diabetes blog.


* * * Behind the Betes is a new podcast in our DOC, created by longtime T1 blogger Chris Stocker who writes at The Life of a Diabetic. He’s got a great series profiling people in the community that’s definitely worth some listening time.


* * * Diabulimia is a serious issue and we’re thrilled to see the non-profits Beyond Type 1 and We Are Diabetes teaming up to tackle this topic. They’re offering a new, free peer-mentoring service for any affected T1D peeps committed to using a “safe, confidential support system… to work towards the goal of solid and permanent eating disorder recovery.”


* * * YouTuber and Instagrammer Rob Howe, the voice behind Diabetics Doing Things, has now also launched a new podcast called #ToolsofType1 where he does a quick Q&A with people in the community and invites them to share their own stories. So cool!


* * * Reading this Fighting the Hypos post by Brian at Type 1 Philly makes me nervous and want to check my blood sugars just to be safe. Yep, these Lows are never fun and Brian’s “Rolling with My Pancreas” post captures the drama and experience well.


* * * What Nobody Told Me About Accepting the T2 Diagnosis is the title of Phyllisa Deroze’s latest post on Diagnosed Not Defeated, in which she discusses getting type 2 diabetes and working past all the stigma and blame that can come with it.


* * * The D-Mom Duo of Stacey Simms and Moira McCarthy Stanford are now collaborating on the Diabetes Connections podcast for a regular series where listeners can ask them all kinds of questions about parenting kids with diabetes.


* * * Diabetes tattoos are all the rage these days, and this Instagram post by a fellow “T1-insulin addict” shows off some ink illustrating the molecular structure design for the life-sustaining drug we rely on.


* * * Have you heard about the new DiabetesSisters series called “Between the Lines,” that shares the stories of “real women living real lives while having diabetes”? Some are happy tales, with great results — and others delve into challenges. The goal of course is sisterhood and community-building.


* * * Say hello to YouTuber Daniel Newman in London, who’s recently started sharing his type 1 story with the world. Welcome to the ever-expanding, multi-media DOC, Daniel!



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