Hey, D-Friends! February may be a shorter month, but that doesn’t mean our Diabetes Online Community is short of amazing content!  In keeping with the Valentine’s spirit, we wanted to show our love for fellow DOC’ers who’ve bared their hearts and souls once again in a month of outstanding posts, in a variety of online platforms.  

Here we go with this month’s collection of some of the top “must-sees” that caught our eye, in no particular order:



* With February being “heart month,” our friend Mike Durbin at My Diabetic Heart  shares an important message about how we tend to our heart health — not only during this awareness month, but all of the months of the year. It’s a good read, we promise.


* The annual #SpareARose campaign spread the spirit of caring around the world, straight from the pocketbooks of many around the D-Community who contributed so many small donations. The final tally is being calculated, but we’re told by the non-profit organizer Life for a Child that our community has raised more than $140,000 in total since this all started in 2013, and that a record-breaking $56,000+ (!) came from this year’s campaign alone — meaning 939 young people across the globe can be given access to insulin for a whole year. Way to go, All!


* This remarkable Instagram imagery by Weronika at BlueSugarCube popped up as part of the #SpareARose campaign this year, and beyond that she has all kind of awesome creations sprinkled in her Instagram feed!


* Once again, D-Mom Stacey Simms organized the annual Diabetes Podcast Week tied in with promoting #SpareARose, and a whole list of D-podcasters including Stacey herself at Diabetes Connections took part. They’re all worth the listen, with a range of topics covered representing many POVs in the community, in audio format.


* Speaking of D-podcasts, we’re excited that longtime advocate and fellow T1 peep Cherise Shockley has now launched a new podcast called Diabetes Moments through her employer Roche Diabetes. This series is meant to share D-related stories and advocacy efforts happening around our community — and we’re proud to say that DiabetesMine was in the first batch of interviews recorded! We’re looking forward to hearing more from around the DOC as this moves forward.


* The end of an era is upon us in the DOC, as T1 friend and longtime blogger Kerri Sparling has announced plans to shutter her SixUntilMe blog this Spring after 14 years of posting there. We are incredibly sad to hear this news, but still happy to hear that Kerri plans to remain involved in the D-Community in various ways. Beyond her post on SUM about this change, Kerri is also sharing her story on other platforms that includes this recent fun chat with Christopher Snider at his Just Talking podcast. We’re sending a huge THANK YOU to Kerri for everything she’s done over the years, and we look forward to seeing where she goes next.


* Many in the Do-It-Yourself / #WeAreNotWaiting world of diabetes tech have been anxiously awaiting the closed looping version that works with OmniPod. That isn’t possible quite yet, but the brilliant California D-Mom Katie DiSimone has some new info on where that all stands. Check out her See My CGM post for more detail there.


* Our advocate-friend Asha Brown shared her story with Beyond Type 1 for Eating Disorders Awareness Week in late February. Hearing her talk about this topic and knowing BT1 is working so closely with Asha’s group, We Are Diabetes, is hugely important for our D-community, since we’re more prone to these eating-related issues than non-D folks.


* We love this one from D-Mom Joanne at Death of a Pancreas, who recently discovered “Pod-hockey” with the use of an “Omni-puck” in their home. Fun stuff!


* Being inclusive and representative is so important in our community, especially when it comes to messaging presented to the general public and at diabetes-focused conferences where medical professionals are present. Too often, the words and images are faux-perfect, so we need to do better about sharing the realities. Thanks to Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium for writing about that, after some Twitter discussion on the topic out of the big #ATTD2019 conference that just wrapped up in Berlin.


* Check out this creative Instagram artwork that tackles the frustrating issue of access and affordability in diabetes, made by Miss Diabetes — who turns out to be an incredible illustrator with T1D named Janina living in New Zealand! Her work has been shared widely on Instagram, including on the the Women of Color in Diabetes page. Quite the talent, being able turn something so anger-inducing into a visual that brings smiles and laughs.


* Last not least, D-peep Renza at Diabetogenic in Australia shares this very insightful post about how we live with and cope with fear in the context of diabetes, and how that is a learned behavior and often evolves over time. Food for thought, indeed!


We share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your D-post picks for the month of March to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y’all.