The time has come to say goodbye to 2018, as we get ready to ring in a new year. But before we do, it’s worth taking a look back at this final month of ’18 to reflect on all the outstanding diabetes posts that have shined brighter than any holiday lights. Yep, the ball will be dropping soon, so here’s our “countdown” of a dozen or so December D-Posts that caught our eye (in no particular order). These are just a small sampling of what’s being shared in the Diabetes Online Community…

We’d love to include your favorites too. Please let us know of any noteworthy new D-posts you recently liked! You can reach us by email or on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Poetry, just in time for the holiday season by The Grumpy Pumper over in England. The Advent of Insulin Calendar may not actually exist in stores (yet) but this #AdventOfInsulin prose is certainly something we all can embrace in our homes for the seasonal festivities, no? 🙂


Oh, holiday sweater fun… this “My Pancreas Got Run Over by a Reindeer” one came from Kristi at Diabetic Truths on Instagram. Ha!

There’s always holiday-themed viewing on TV this time of year, and one of those is the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC (the name is self-explanatory there, Folks). This year, a New York family won the $50,000 prize and donated the full amount to JDRF! Our podcasting friend Stacey Simms chatted with D-Dad Joe Mure about this contest and his family’s diabetes story.


Should you or shouldn’t you, as far as diabetes-themed holiday gifts? We tackled that etiquette question recently at the ‘Mine and it was clearly a topic others in the DOC were thinking about too, including Frank Sita over at his Type 1 Writes blog in Australia.


Our friend Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium is what he describes as “happy exhausted” after such a big year of D-activity throughout 2018. Take a read of all he has to share, as well as our own “Diabetes Year in Review” roundup here at the ‘Mine.


For a light and fun look back on 2018, here’s a great Buzzfeed article from D-Mom Stacey Simms about the 20 Best Type 1 Diabetes Tweets of the year. Lots of smiles in there, especially seeing good ‘ol Wilford Brimley included in there, too. 🙂


Every year at this time, our D-Community faces the annual struggle of making sure all meds and supplies are filled and year-end deductibles are met. Kelly Kunik at diabetesaliciousness wrote a post about dealing with those headaches. Ugh, we feel for you, Kel!


It was awesome to see D-awareness happening at some big NFL games during December, as more than 800 players and team cheerleaders participated in the #MyCauseMyCleats campaign raising awareness about charitable causes they care about. Those on our radar included: Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Tess whose boyfriend Troy Whitty lives with T1D, and to honor him she wore special grey boots with a Cowboy star featuring a red blood drop for diabetes; Baltimore Ravens defense tackle Orlando Brown Jr. wore blue JDRF-supporting cleats; Baltimore Ravens tight end Maxx Williams wore blue cleats supporting the Diabetes Research Institute; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston wore blue JDRF cleats; and New York Giants linebacker Kareem Martin wore red cleats for the American Diabetes Association. Thank you, NFLers!

Wow, it’s been 4 years (!) now since Dana Lewis became the first to use a do-it-yourself closed loop system known as #OpenAPS. So much time has gone by, and it’s pretty amazing to read Dana’s recent post on what has and hasn’t changed during that time in this subset of the #WeAreNotWaiting community.


Have you heard of Diabetes and Dads? It’s one of the newest podcasts to launch in our DOC, featuring D-dads Alan and Mark who have T1D daughters that met through D-camp. The men started up the podcast in November and have already published a couple episodes, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from them.


We loved seeing this post from Anita Nicole Brown at the Women of Color page on Instagram, showing off her diabetes-themed outfit created and worn for a recent pageant. Nice awareness-raising use of D-supplies there, Anita!

Over at the MySugr page on Facebook, our good friend Scott Johnson has been creating some awesome FB Live videos in which he interviews fellow D-peeps and shares their stories. Just this past month, he’s had some great chats with D-Advocates like Quinn Nystrom in Minnesota, and professional actress and advocate Niketa Calame Harris in Los Angeles (the voice of young Nala in 1994’s The Lion King!). And at the start of 2019, Scott’s previewing an interview with comedy sketch writer Patric Ciervo in New York who lives with both T1D and cerebral palsy and has created some hilarious “guess my blood sugars” videos on YouTube. Love listening to all of these, Scott!


Thanks to all for great posts this month, and throughout all of 2018. Naturally, we can’t wait to see what the DOC has in store for 2019!!