As we wind down the summer, our diabetes radar continues to light up with posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) — from the serious to chuckle-worthy. Here’s a collection of posts that caught our eye during the month of August (in no particular order):


Hurricane season is here again, and many in our Diabetes Community are in the path of these storms. That’s why it’s so critically important to know about the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC), made up of several leading diabetes organizations with the aim of helping people prepare and also find help in the face of these natural disasters.


The big annual meeting of the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) took place in early August, and we learned they are pushing for the new job title “Diabetes Care and Education Specialists” to better encompass what they do professionally. This event also brought out a lot of discussion about whether the name DOC (“Diabetes Online Community”) ought to dropped in favor of “Peer Support Communities” since so much can happen offline and not just on the web. On a similar note, we caught sight of this tweet thread from our researcher friend Heather Rose Walker, who would like to see better research about Online Health Communities (OHCs). Lots of different for important stuff, to be sure!


Feeling heard can be so powerful. Knowing that, D-peep Heather Rose Walker at The Chronic Scholar coordinated with fellow advocates to launch a new initiative this month embracing the hashtag #IHearYou. It’s worth checking out and adding to, if you’re so inclined. We echo the sentiment that it’s important to amplify our community’s voices and let anyone in the Diabetes Community — newbie to veteran — know that we, too, hear you.


August marks the start of professional football season, and in its first pre-season game we got to see the new Chicago Bears kicker Elliott Fry showing off the Abbott FreeStyle Libre on his arm! Diagnosed with T1D at 7, Fry came from South Carolina (USC) and has a two-word tattoo on his lower left forearm: “One shot.” He has stated that it goes beyond recognizing his role as a kicker, but is also about his type 1 diabetes and how he’s lived his life one shot (or one fingerprick) at a time since childhood. The Chicago Sun Times has the story.


Speaking of tattoos… So much of life with diabetes impacts those around us, and their support is life-changing. This Instagram image of a D-empathy tattoo says it all.


There can be many scary and not-so-pleasant things in life, but it’s all about perspective and knowing that despite the bad times, we’re never alone — especially when it comes to diabetes. Thanks to D-Dad Tom Karlya for writing “Neutralizing the Grim Reaper” to remind us of that.


Our friend Chris Aldred (aka The Grumpy Pumper) over in England marked his 25th diaversary recently, notably hitting the point where half his life has been living with diabetes. Here’s to wishing him (and his son) well!


If you haven’t met Kathleen and Blaze, you definitely should! She’s a fellow type 1 in Michigan who has a diabetes alert dog named Blaze (featured here not long ago). We enjoyed seeing them featured also on The Orange Theory Fitness blog about their adventures in working out together.


We loved finding these Instagram illustrations by fellow type 1 Bronwen Harris, who created a fictional comic character named Lady Di (abetes) and a whole comic series that aims to help inspire and empower our D-Community on Instagram!


Please say hi to Bill Santos, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2018 and has recently started his own blog, the Next Wave T2D. Be sure to check out his fabulous intropost titled “The Starting,” where he begins with some initial observations on the DOC and life with diabetes in general. Welcome, Bill — we’re eager to see where the conversations go!


On a sad note, we’re bummed to see longtime friend and fellow blogger Stephen Shaul say goodbye to The Happy Medium blog where he’s shared his story for many years. We know he’ll still be around online and in our D-Community doing great stuff, and we wish Stephen well on the next chapters going forward.


Hey, you don’t have to have a blog to share online about life with diabetes… and that’s just what we have here in the ironically-named “Don’t Have a Blog“… blog. While it’s not all T1D focused, the intro post certainly delves into the diabetes side of things.


As always, please let us know what you think of these posts. And please share your favorites for inclusion in our next Roundup via email or FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.