As we wind down the summer, our diabetes radar continues to light up with blog and social media posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) -- from serious to chuckle-worthy. Here's a collection of posts that caught our eye during the month of August (in no particular order):


Who could pass up reading a post with the headline, "The Night My Son Nearly Died for a Sprite"? In our humble opinion, this is a new must-read by D-Mom Caitlin Edwards over at Beyond Type 1.


Over at SixUntilMe, our blogging friend Kerri Sparling has (yet another) moving video message that Community Matters. Yep, we totally agree, Kerri.


Speaking of our D-community, Chris Stocker at The Life of a Diabetic reflects on his years of participating in the weekly #DSMA chats and how that's made an impact on his life.


Shaking up this community is Ariel Lawrence, founder of Just A Little Suga, who's promoting her new diversity-embracing group "Diabetics on the Margins" on Instagram and elsewhere. That's another exciting new program supported by the nonprofit Beyond Type 1, and they're holding a kickoff brunch and panel in New York on Sept. 15.


D-Dad Tom Karlya has some intriguing thoughts about a world where CGM tech is prescribed at the time of diabetes diagnosis. Is that a place we're moving toward anytime soon? Hmmm.


What a story from our friend Stephen Shaul at Happy Medium, who recounts a scary moment more than a decade ago that recently came back to mind while attending the big diabetes educators' conference in Baltimore. Or as he describes it: "My best moment from #AADE18 didn't happen at AADE." Totally worth a read, and you may want to have box of tissues nearby...


The above-mentioned conference, the summertime annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), brings thousands of experts together to share the latest and greatest in treating D-patients. This year, we enjoyed seeing a fresh new video circulating, that promotes the importance of using the most positive, supportive language possible about diabetes. And thanks to Australian blogging friend Renza for writing about the crucial need to Change the Conversation.


Congrats also Jane Dickinson, our T1-peep and blogging friend who's also the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who was named "2018 Educator of the Year" at the recent AADE conference! We're so proud of Jane, and certainly enjoy reading her blog posts, including this recent one paying tribute to her parents for how they helped her manage and live well with type 1 as she was growing up.


D-Dad Scott Benner who blogs at Arden's Day has a fun post about professional skiier and Olympic athlete Kris Freeman, who happens to be type 1 himself and often shows off his OmniPod and Dexcom. Scott shared a (kinda) guest post this past month, mentioning the FreemanFortitude blog where Kris shared some of his D-experiences recently.


At her TypeONEderful blog, Reva in Michigan ponders the issue of "Playing the Diabetes Card" and where she comes down on that in her own life with type 1.


What's the biggest difference-making thing in your diabetes world? That's a question T2 advocate and D-Dad Bennet Dunlap reflects on recently at Your Diabetes May Vary, where he examines an item that makes a huge impact on his daily life with type 2 diabetes.


Of course there are whole bunch on DOC'ers on Instagram, and one of our recent faves is Laura Pavlakovich at @You'reJustMyType. She's an incredibly talented photographer with T1D who lives in LA, and on Instagram (and Facebook) she shares stories of other regular folk from around our community who are just doing their thing(s) with diabetes. This post in particular caught our attention because it features a cool podcast we hadn't heard of, called Diabetic Tim. It's produced by longtime T1 PWD Tim Poulton in the UK, and has some great episodes. Awesome stuff there!

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Back in the "good ol' days".... that's the theme of this post at The D in Emily, who thinks back on all that's changed in the world since she was growing up in the 70s. Sure, diabetes is one part of that. But it's a whole lot bigger than D, too.


As always, please let us know what you think about these posts. And ping us via email or via social media -- FacebookInstagram, and Twitter -- about what made your reading list this past month.