February may be a shorter month, but that doesn't mean our Diabetes Online Community (DOC) was short of amazing content. There was a lot of love in the AroundDOCFebruaryair as usual this Valentine's month, and unfortunately a lot of snow for our friends in much of the Eastern part of the U.S.

Despite the cold (or because of it), we wanted to share some warm appreciation of our fellow D-Bloggers who've bared their hearts and souls once again in a month of outstanding posts!

Here are the "must-reads" that caught our eye this month:


Heart Bullet PointThe DOC spread the love in a tangible way again this year, with the third annual Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign that raised money to get life-saving insulin and supplies to needy children in developing nations. Dozens of blog posts filled our streams this month, but three that particularly stood out to us were these: "'I'm Not a Doctor, But I Can Help" by Kerri Sparling (and her daughter); this incredible poem by D-Dad Tim Brand, and this diaversary-advocacy post by Sara Nicastro.


Heart Bullet PointAnd while we're talking insulin, check out Sarah's post about living abroad and struggling to get insulin over at Coffee and Insulin. A whole different view of Amsterdam...


Heart Bullet PointWe loved how Naomi Kingery at The Diabetic Diva shares the backstory on how she met her husband-to-be, and it's especially timely as they are prepping for their wedding on March 8! Thanks for sharing this story, Naomi, and congrats to you both! (And welcome to the D-Club as a Type Awesome, Niko!)


Heart Bullet PointBig changes are happening at the TuDiabetes community these days as it transfers to a new platform, and Scott Johnson has the scoop on his personal blog.


Heart Bullet PointThis one's not diabetes-specific, but fellow type 1 Christopher Snider has a fascinating partial-podcast focusing on the anti-vaccination debate, and how healthcare providers use social media to educate people. Vaccinations are a huge topic of course those of us living with D, so this Just Talking interview with Dr. Mike Seville in Ohio is worth a listen.Juicebox Podcast


Heart Bullet PointSpeaking of podcasts, have you heard about the new Juicebox Podcast? This cleverly-named broadcast was launched this month by D-Dad Scott Benner, who blogs at Arden's Day. Good stuff so far, Scott!


Heart Bullet PointWe were glad to find a new friend at Kayla's Life Notes and in particular this Canadian D-blogger's post titled, Because I Have Diabetes, which tackles the negative things we tell ourselves. You'll be glad to read this too, we promise!


Heart Bullet Point"Oh, my nan's cat has diabetes..." And with that. our friend at The Grumpy Pumper takes a clever spin to promote the #SpareARose campaign. Nicely done!


Heart Bullet PointD-peep Brennan Cassidy at Diabetic Jock gets reflective, mulling over the Expectations he and others with diabetes often have.


Heart Bullet PointMarking her family's 15-year dia-versary with diabetes, D-Mom Barb Wagstaff takes a look back at all that's changed in those many years and how, sadly, children are still dying because of undiagnosed D.


Heart Bullet PointWe were thrilled to see our friend Bea with type 2 blogging once again over at Cranky Pancreas, and especially this great post about meltdowns, entitled "I don't know what I think I know."


Heart Bullet PointLow blood sugars are never fun, but Abby over at Photograbetic shares this even scarier story about how the paramedic she needed during a hypo seemed to not think it was as serious as she did... Yikes! And so, she writes, Dear Tony... Would you believe? This EMT pinged her on Twitter to scold her about handling her lows!


Heart Bullet PointWhile we're talking low blood sugars, have you ever had a Hypo Hangover? Well, Sophie has, and she shares that experience over at Writing Possibility this month.



Heart Bullet PointWe hadn't seen this blog before, but Type 1 and Sons is a great read by a longtime T1D named Jen... and her blog features this very alluring box at the top that warns: "Do Not Read The Next Sentence" in big letters, and then, "You little rebel. I like you" written underneath real small. After seeing that, who could resist reading this D-blog, particularly this Me, D and My Endos post about being honest with your doctor and "rolling with the punches." Good stuff!


Heart Bullet PointWhat if type 1 was included in some well-known fictional pieces, like Harry Potter, Romeo & Juliet, or ... "Fifty Shades of Test Strips"? This clever post by Craig Idlebrook at Insulin Nation is a fun one for February!


Heart Bullet PointOMG -- this multiple-choice Diabetes Quiz asks if you're an expert, and clearly you're only going to score high if you're as snarky as our Australian friend Renza at Diabetogenic ;)


Heart Bullet PointKerri Sparling of SixUntilMe revists the diabetes haiku that was all the craze some years back. One favorite:

Once upon a time haiku omatic

My pancreas did its job.

That time has done passed.


Heart Bullet PointFinally, two great posts caught our eye over at ASweetLife this past month -- first, the insightful Pebble In My Shoe post about losing sensation in your feet by D-peep Jennifer Jacobs, and second, Molly Johannes grappling with the issue of Diabetes Paranoia: Am I Too Dependent on my CGM? Fabulous reads, both!


We share our favorites every month, but also want to include yours! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of March to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all.

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