Welcome to our monthly roundup of outstanding blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).

While much of the country is going through another cold snap and some of our friends on the East Coast are manuevering massive snow, we're happy to send some warm fuzzies to those providing DOC highlights that caught our eye in January -- in no particular order.

As always, we'd love to hear any thoughts you have on these particular posts or any others that caught your attention during January.

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With the New Year and so many resolutions being kicked around, diabetes blogger Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes reminds us to Dismiss the Lies and hit the ground running when it comes to diabetes.

SnowFlakeIconYou don't have to turn on the Weather Channel to know it's cold outside, and D-Dad Tom Karlya writes about how those freezing winter temps affect our diabetes. Brrrr, makes us shiver just thinking about it!

SnowFlakeIconRemember Steve Richert, the type 1 who spent a year traveling the country climbing mountains? Well, he's marking his 16th diabetes anniversary this month, and with that he has unveiled the much-anticipated 50-minute documentary film about his climbing adventures!

SnowFlakeIconDo you speak diabetes? Kelly Kunik at diabetesaliciousness does, and she thinks Facebook should have the option to D-Talk for us.

SnowFlakeIconOne of our go-to DOC spots has always been Scott's Diabetes, which has been featuring some great diabetes resources lately like Pen Pals United and the new Diabetes Daily Grind Podcast. Thanks for sharing these, Scott!

SnowFlakeIconWith all the devices we carry and wear, sometimes it can feel like we're walking robots... and that's just what Jillian says over at her Push My Buttons blog.

SnowFlakeIconHere's a great post by type 1 blogger Sarah at Coffee and Insulin, about the things we least want to do each day... and some awesome photography there, too!

SnowFlakeIconDiabetes builds up a whole host of good and bad habits, and Leighann at D-Mom Blog shares some thoughts about what simple tasks like changing a lancet can teach her daughter.

SnowFlakeIconNope, diabetes isn't easy. But sometimes, like D-Mom Hallie says at Princess and the Pump, we often have to suck it up with Quiet Tears in order to try and make it look a bit easier than it really is.

SnowFlakeIconOur friend George Simmons (aka Ninjabetic) is celebrating a blog-aversary, and has a fun recap on some historic happenings since he began blogging, back in 2006.

SnowFlakeIconWe're always working, when it come to daily life with diabetes... and D-Dad Scott Benner shares what his family's gone through recently in trying to achieve a better A1C (anyone else now humming the tune, 9 to 5?)

SnowFlakeIconChefJamieOliverSome in the DOC have been up in arms recently about Twitter comments celeb-chef Jamie Oliver (pictured right) made about sugar-saturated Coke and diabetes, including D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher at Our Diabetic Life and longtime type 1 Renza Scibilia at Diabetogenic. Go take a read, and see how you feel about it.

TSnowFlakeIconype 1 friend Anna Floreen has an important post over on Glu about being denied access to a diabetes clinical trial she was hoping to participate in. Never a good thing.

SnowFlakeIconWe don't often include industry diabetes blogs in our monthly roundup, but when our DOC friends are offering some outstanding guest-blogging, it's worth a mention: check out Chris Stocker's post on Medtronic's The Loop blog about being a dad-to-be; Kim Vlasnik's post on Lilly's T1EverydayMagic blog with some great illustrations; and Kelly Kunik's post on Omnipod's Suite D blog about the Dark Ages of Diabetes.


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