We're now at the end of the fifth month of 2015, which is simply amazing — how quickly this year is going by! Of course, the summer months bring a bevy of diabetes conference activity and we're excited about that, but it's already been a busy May...

Of course, we marked Memorial Day this past week, honoring those who've served our country, and with it came many ultra-American summer fun traditions: barbeques, camping, pool openings, and racing season (congrats to D-peep Charlie Kimball, who finished 3rd in the Indy 500 this past weekend!).

Here's our rundown of the great Diabetes Online Community (DOC) posts that caught our eye in May, in no particular order.

First up, we're so happy to send Wedding Congratulations to our newly-married DOC friends, Christopher Snider and Dayle Kern! Smiles across  the board, in seeing this union and knowing you've started an amazing new chapter in life together!


It was also great to see our friend Manny Hernandez begin the next chapter in his life, taking a position with Livongo Health -- an innovative new connected glucose meter company -- after stepping down from the Diabetes Hands Foundation that he co-founded. Take a read on how he made his decision, over at his personal blog Ask Manny. We're looking forward to hearing how the new position treats you, Manny, and hopefully allows you to accomplish more awesome progress for our D-Community!


We marked Mother's Day, of course, and this great post entitled Thank You, Mom from Jen over at Type 1 & Sons. We love you, Diabetes Community moms! 


With May came the 6th annual Diabetes Blog Week, created by longtime type 1 Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes. About 200  D-bloggers took part everday for a week, and there's a lot of great posts we're still trying to catch up on!

During D-Blog Week, there was of course an avalanche of outstanding posts! Some that caught our eye came from brand new bloggers we weren't yet familiar with -- including I Am Type OneLucia's Life With Diabetes, My Pink Pancreas blog, and Pancreas-less and Proud. Great finding you all in the DOC, and looking forward to reading more!


Reva at TypeOnederful personifies her relationship with Sugar in this insightful blog post (also created during the D-Blog Week).

Our friend Scott over at Rollin in the D wrote up this post called Bottles and Cans, exploring his changing feelings on the DOC and participation in diabetes advocacy, blogging and social media. His follow-up post (More Bottles and More Cans) is just as great and worthy of a read. And btw, thanks for the shout-out, Scott!

Winnie the Pooh diabetes

Ever wonder how Winnie the Pooh is tied to diabetes and food? Well, Jamie Naessens over at Flying Furballs has a great post with the cuddly yellow bear weaved in, written up for D-Blog Week. Worth the honey to read this one!



On the other end of the spectrum, our skin crawled and hearts skipped when seeing Briley's "Leaky Battery" post over at InsulinDependence, and reading the photo caption about pump malfunction... yikes!


We love seeing new DOC'er Susan blogging at One Step Closer to the Cure, and writing this outstanding post about Diabetes Misconceptions. Happy to hear your voice online, Susan! 


That term... "non-compliant" ... it's so cringe-worthy, right?! Well, Steven Richert takes a different look at it based on his experience attending the T1D Exchange annual meeting in early May. See what he has to say over at his blog at Glu.

Kung Fu and diabetes? Yep, it's a thing -- at least it is for our type 2 diabetes blogging friend Brian Cohen, whom we are excited to see writing alot these days at The Trials of Type 2 Diabetes.



Love this picture post over at Sugar Coated Accident of how a pump display screen might be looked at differently if we were living in a video game! Fun stuff there, and definitely good material for creating a real D-game!



Hold on... is there a new diabetes breakthrough?! Indeed, there is. In the DOC blogosphere, you may know her as Renza Scibilia who blogs at Diabetogenic. Great advocacy work there on the TV in Australia!



Keep your eyes peeled in June for your own favorite posts of the month, and then send us your picks via email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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