It's amazing to realize that we're already through a full quarter of 2018 -- how the year flies! Of course, we're happy every month to find outstanding posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). As the sports world is going a bit crazy with March Madness, we're recognizing our picks for the "DOC brackets" this month...

And don't forget to send us YOUR favorites for April, D-Friends!


Our D-friend in Hawaii Corinna has re-named her blog to Type 2 Musings, presumably to call out to all those with T2D, who remain under-represented on the web. She's sharing her story and inviting others to do the same. We love the new name and look, and are eager to keep following your writings, Corinna!


If you haven't seen this new Sugarland series by a New York public broadcasting station, make sure to check it out. It's done in graphic novel style, along with accompanying written pieces that all focus on insulin affordability and access. And some of our familiar DOC friends are part of the effort. Very cool!


Meanwhile, our peeps at Beyond Type 1 shared this heartbreaking story of a Facebook engineer with type 1 who recently died as a result of not being able to get insulin. A sad story, that deserves recognition.


Hey there, Throwback Thursdays! We love this blast from the past by Dayle Kern at Imperfect Pancreas, remembering her old-school Minimed 507 from way back in the day in the late 90s. There's so much new diabetes tech these days that it's great to look back on how far we've come.


We love this post from Ariel, who blogs at Just a Little Suga' and has been living with type 1 for 11 years. Her post details a new project called Diabetics on the Margins: Celebrating Diversity within the D-Community. The aim is to amplify voices of people of color in the diabetes universe, and she has some stellar photography highlighting some D-peeps wearing their diabetes visibly.


Speaking of diversity in our community, the inspirational advocate Cherise Shockley has created something new on Twitter for Women of Color in Diabetes. She, too, wants to bring more inclusion into our online community, and this is meant to help raise those voices we don't often see or hear from. The movement is @WOCDiabetes on Twitter.


No doubt, sometimes we just feel off when it comes to daily life with diabetes. That's just how it is. Type 1 blogger Reva over at TypeONEderful shares that feeling of being Out of Sync lately, reflecting on those days just after diagnosis, and how that's all impacted her routine.


Overseas, another type 1 named Helen Edwards who blogs at Diabetes Can't Stop Me expresses her exasperation  lately about life with T1D and how there are -- quite often, to our chagrin -- too many Injustices of Diabetes that just aren't fair at times. We totally agree and send our hugs your way for better days, Helen!


Are you a warrior doing battle against diabetes? Dana over at the Short and Sweet blog writes that she is Not a Warrior, and describes why that terminology isn't something she cares to live by (as we did too not long ago).


Did you see the news about rock star Bret Michaels recently? ICYMI (in case you missed it), he's also been living with T1D since childhood and earlier this month -- the week of his birthday! -- Bret shared that he was so moved by the tragic story of a Minnesota man dying from a lack of insulin, that he was going to take on the growing #insulin4all cause. Very cool to get a celebrity 'bolus' of advocacy there!


Diabetes Advocacy can be a heated topic. Opinions and styles of advocacy vary (just like diabetes does), and not everyone has the same focus or view on causes and diabetes groups. Chris Stocker at Life of a Diabetic is crystal clear that he's going to Advocate His Way while others can do their own thing, as they see fit.


Over at her Amybetic blog, T1 PWD and blogger Amy has been experiencing social media burnout -- not only in diabetes, but beyond. Here's how she's been dealing with that and what she suggests for others who might be going through the same type of online overload.


Sure, it can be daunting and overwhelming and frustrating living with diabetes. And when it comes to diabetes complications and other scary health issues, that's amplified. But we must try to keep a "Glass Half Full" mindset as much as possible. That's a perspective Kim Hislop at Deniabetic shares in this blog post, and we send her all the DOC love possible as she endures everything on her plate at the moment.


Living in the Orange. That may seem like a strange turn of phrase, but Laddie over at Test Guess and Go has a reason for using it. And yes, it's all tied to life with diabetes. So, go on and read her post... 


Happy Four Years of D-Blogging to Sarah at Coffee and Insulin! We love your writing and look forward to seeing more as the next years march forward.


Finally, you may know that today is GOOD FRIDAY. Yup, this this weekend is Easter Sunday (on April 1, no joke!). We loved this fun post at Finger Prickin' Good blog, which is run by the D-parents of a little guy who was diagnosed at just about 21 months old. They're getting all creative and made some Bunny Juice Boxes, just in time for the holiday. Good stuff!


Great stuff this month, as always. Please send along your own D-post picks for April to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all!


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