June is always a busy month -- between graduations, Father's Day, and of course the huge annual ADA Scientific Sessions conference. In fact, we're putting this month's roundup out bit later than usual thanks to all the ADA activity.

As always, we're excited to highlight some great personal blog posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) this past month!

Here, in no particular order, are some of our June faves:



Marking Father's Day once again, D-Dad Tom Karlya penned a great post about having a choice. Sure, none of us get a choice about being diagnosed, but everyone does get to decide what they choose to do once diabetes enters their life, and fathers are no different.


With the summer officially in full swing, camping is on the minds of many in our D-Community. Over in Canada, T1D peep Kayla Brown shares how she's never been much of a fan of camping in general. But now she is, and there's a special way that diabetes plays into that...


With the warm weather now upon us, we enjoyed this post by Stephen Shaul over at Happy Medium all about Diabetes in the Summer Heat. (And wow, those of us attending the recent ADA conference in hot and humid Orlando can attest to what a huge deal this is ;) ).


Our diabetes online community is build on support and connection, but it can be a bit splintered at times. Renza at Diabetogenic writes about how that bubbled over in online chatter recently, but how she knows our DOC can preservere.


Two maps exist when it comes to life with diabetes, and Mike LeBlank at the Type 1 Game shares how he's been thinking a lot about those two pathways lately -- which you might refer to as Nurture and Nature. Definitely some deep thoughts about fairness in this one, and we often face that challenge of reserving judgment in our D-lives, right?


Could the Cost of Insulin Cost Me My Family? Wow, what a question by Chris at the Betes Bros! He shares a very personal story about how diabetes-related pricetags added to everything else he had to deal with in his life, and in an alternative reality maybe things could've turned out differently... And on top of that, he also wrote this post recently about those in the D-Community who run diabetes non-profit orgs and how challenging that can be. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your thoughts on these important challenges with all of us.


Speaking of diabetes non-profits and advocacy, we loved this blog post over at the Diabetes Patient Advisory Coalition (DPAC) by D-Mom Moira McCarthy Stanford, a passionate and well-known influencer in our community. She writes "Why I Advocate" and hits the heart with this one.


We are happy to see Type 2 D-peep Alan Monroe start his own personal blog, to share parts of his life with T2D that he's been living with since 2007. He has an intro post at the moment, but plans to start writing blog posts soon enough. Please welcome Alan to the DOC blogosphere, everyone!


OK, this brief post dubbed "A First" by Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe brought on lots of LOLs, along with some head-scratching. Seriously, people ask the oddest questions about our diabetes sometimes, but the comment she encountered recently is in a league all its own.


Kerri also published a very resonating interview with Ariel, who writes at Just a Little Suga, about our D-Community online and offline, and how we all need to recognize the various flavors and POVs that each person has.


Have you heard about Quincy the Koala? He's the San Diego Zoo resident who happens to be the first koala diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and to help manage a wave of hypos and glucose fluctuations just recently got a new Dexcom G6 CGM! We loved hearing about this story and reading the Beyond Type 1 blog post written about this furry D-friend!


Things with diabetes can change so quickly, and often it means we have to drop everything to address it in that particular moment -- sometimes even while stopping at a Red Light, as Frank over at Type 1 Writes shares in his post. Yep, many of have been there, Dude. We do what we have to, despite our "pet hate when it comes to living with diabetes


Finally, as we head into this next month of July, our D-Community will once again gather in Orlando for the annual CWD Friends For Life Conference. Check out this post from Joanne at Death of a Pancreas, who captured the spirit of this FFL experience perfectly.



Got input on any of these posts? Or did any others catch your eye? We're always seeking recommendations for next month's roundup, so email us, please or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook to share your thoughts.