They say April showers bring May flowers...

Yep, there have been some sweet, but also serious and savory blog posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) this month, with many bookmark-worthy reads from our friends sharing stories online. 

Here are some of the posts that caught our eye, in no particular order:


With April 10 being National Sibling Day, we were intrigued by this post from Nurse Kelley at Sugar's the Bitch, Not Me... about her sister and all the love that comes with sisterhood, even when diabetes sometimes complicates things.


Too often, the medical community takes a "treat to fail" approach when it comes to T2 diabetes, and unfortunately many doctors paint the need for insulin as a personal failure. Thanks to Phyllisa for this very important post on Redefining Failure, at her Diagnosed Not Defeated blog. We hope it gets lots of attention and shares among the general public as well as the medical profession!


Speaking of insulin use... T2 blogger Kate Cornell over at Sweet Success shares an update to her insulin experience and how thanks to insurance and all the ups and downs, it's been an adventure, to put it mildly...


Did you know that insulin is officially the Sixth Most Expensive Liquid on Earth? No kidding. And in hearing that fact D-Mom Meri Schumacher-Jackson at Our Diabetic Life  couldn't help but vent about how outrageous that is, when so many are suffering lack of affordability and access to this life-saving elixir.


Yep, diabetes supplies can be so expensive! But luckily, there are posts like this one from type 1 blogger Brett at Diabetic Conquer about different "Life Hacks" that help alleviate costs. Great stuff, Brett!


Longtime type 1 Laddie Lindahl at Test Guess & Go has marked a year on Medicare, and she shares a post about evolving from Advocacy to Acceptance in dealing with the federal government insurance program. We certainly empathize with this kind of aggravation that's so common in the D-Community, and we have to give kudos to Laddie for her upbeat attitude, looking at the positives as much as possible here.


Anyone see the Black Panther movie recently? Well, over at Insulin Nation, there's a thoughtful post by T1D Ariel Lawrence from Just a Little Suga blog, about how that movie connects with the need for more inclusion and diversity within our Diabetes Online Community.

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Happy diaversary to Renza in Australia, who recently marked her 20th year living with T1D, and in honor of that, has shared 20 Things I Wish I Knew About Diabetes way back then two decades ago.


Our friend Mike Durbin has redesigned his My Diabetic Heart blog and given it a new makeover, and we have to say it looks great! Looking forward to reading more on your freshly updated site.


What a brave post from Mike LeBlanc at Type 1 Game, who wrote about the incredibly personal and sensitive experience of being a sexual abuse survivor at the hands of a coach in his teenage years. This one may not be specific to diabetes, but as it's from our DOC, we wanted to highlight this important topic and send our hugs and deepest respect to Mike for sharing this.


Meanwhile, a happier fascinating story comes from Aimee Barker, who went through a dual-organ transplant and has been living without type 1 since that procedure. Her "How I Underwent a Kidney-Pancreas Transplant and I'm No Longer Diabetic" post at The Diabetic Journey blog is worth a read, for sure.


OK, this Hierarchy of Needs for People with Diabetes graphic by type 1 D-peep Michael at MTL Writes blog is nicely done and hugely important. Created in response to a Lilly Diabetes tweet, he looks at what we'd ideally see from diabetes companies and those making policy decisions that impact us.


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Oh, If Only.... quite the mantra for us in life with diabetes. That's what Brian writes over at Buzz Buzz (Not My Cell), about diabetes technology and all the good and bad that can come with it.



Great stuff this month, as always. Please send along your own D-post picks for May to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all!