Wow, it's amazing that another month has gone by already. It's certainly been a busy one here at the 'Mine, and there's been a lot going on around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) as well.

Check out our picks of blog posts we think shouldn't be missed!


This month brought us another Day of Diabetes, on which our community was encouraged to tweet using hashtag #dayofdiabetes to share snippets about what it's really like living with D. The effort was created by D-blogger Christopher Snider of A Consequence of Hypoglycemia; see his wrap-up here.


Another new social media effort also took root, thanks to longtime DOC friend Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness. She encouraged us all to use hashtag #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes to tweet about what we want the general public to know about our condition. Two blog posts related to this effort caught our eye -- one from D-Mom Meri Schumacher, and another by Frank at the Type 1 Writes blog.


Lots has been said about the first-ever Diabetes UnConference that happened in Vegas this past March. But the event founder Christel Marchand Aprigliano has now shared her own insights at The Perfect D, including a great roundup of the many posts out there -- and how it's shaped the decision to hold at least one (or two) more of these events in 2016... YAY!


A broader e-patient conference was put on by Janssen Pharmaceuticals this past month, called HealtheVoices (see #HealtheVoices15), and a handful of diabetes advocates were there along with many others representing numerous disease states. Both Christel and Kerri Sparling give us a peek into what this summit looked like. We're glad to see this type of cross-condition conversation happening.


You may have noticed Rick Phillips as one of the prolific bloggers on TuDiabetes over the past couple of years. But now after some big changes on that diabetes community site, Rick has started a new, independent blog of his own that he's calling RADiabetes (or Rheumatoid Arthritis Diabetes), based on his living with both.


Have you seen this great Nick Jonas parody video, the Low Blood Sugar song? Ginger Vieria at Diabetes Daily wrote this post about the video created by D-peep Erin Aminah, based on a song by Jonas who also happens to be living with T1D. Great stuff! (Here's that original Jonas song, Jealousy, btw).



Get Ready, Get Set... Oh No, I'm Low! We love the name of this new diabetes blog by Wisconsin D-peep Liz Wedward, who kicks off her new blog asking, "Why? Why? Why?"


Too bad we can't just kiss away our chronic conditions like boo boos, right? That's what D-Mom Bridget wishes in this post over at Bridget Writes: The Sweet Life. Definitely a shame it isn't that easy...


Many of us know D-Mom Moira McCarthy as an outstanding diabetes advocate... but now in this post over on A Sweet Life, her adult daughter Lauren shares an insightful perspective from someone who was A Poster Child for Diabetes while growing up.


There's always a need for more psychosocial and emotional support in our Diabetes Community, and this post by Tamra Garcia at Diabetes Odyssey is all about that "overlooked treatment." Worth a read!Diabetes Daily Grind Podcast


We've loved listening to some of the newest podcasts in our D-Community, including this one known as the Diabetes Daily Grind. And following the DDG's blog is fun too -- including this post by Ryan Fightmaster entitled, "My Counterintuitive Advice From 6 Months of CGM Life."


We were also delighted to bump into the blog, Me My Self and I Diabetes, by Priscila Gonzalez. She has this universal truth to share: "Diabetes Is Not Easy -- EVER!" Truth, indeed.


Please make sure to stop over at Type One Trio and wish one of our fellow type 1s well, as 17-year-old D-blogger Caleb has recently learned about a new diagnosis of cancer coming into his world. Our thoughts are with you, Brother.


What did you think of these posts? And did any others catch your eye? We're always seeking recommendations for next month's roundup, so email us, will ya?

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