The Fall is upon us, so it’s time to welcome crisp cool mornings, and autumn festivities where pumpkin-spiced everything seems to be all the rage.

As always, there’s been no shortage of outstanding diabetes blog posts falling from the proverbial tree that is the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). Today, we’re excited to share some that caught our eye during September, along with some posts recommended by DOC peep readers. Thank you for that!

Please keep letting us know what you think about these and any other D-blogs making your reading list in the coming month.


First, the month of September welcomed the important Jewish high holy days Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and our D-blogging friend Reva Berman at TypeOnederful shares her experiences marking this important time and navigating fasting — an important part of Yom Kippur.


Blogging and being online all the time in the DOC can be exhausting, and our community welcomed the first Diabetes Social Media Burnout Day this past month. Thanks to Ginger Vieria at Diabetes Daily for coordinating this and rounding up all those who shared their thoughts on getting frazzled.


Our DOC also marked another #DayOfDiabetes on Sept. 22, when many of us share snapshots of what we are going through at the moment as it relates to diabetes. Check out what our friend Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes shared, in her great post full of tweets and pictures.


This month brought us the annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting, this year in Sweden. Annie over at The Understudy Pancreas in England recaps the diabetes blogger summit and how many important issues were discussed there.


Thanks to Australian type 1 Frank Sita for the tip on an excellent “One Year Anniversary” post by Ally at Very Light No Sugar. Frank had his own post on that same note too, reflecting on his experience thus far in the world of diabetes blogging. Thanks to both for being part of this community and sharing your D-lives with us!


Ice caps, cancer, hair loss… and the connection to diabetes cure research? D-Mom Moira McCarthy Stanford connects those dots over at Despite Diabetes.


Mr. Bennet Dunlap blogs over at Your Diabetes May Vary. Two of his four kids have type 1 and he lives with T2D himself, and Bennet is a vocal D-advocate who sums up his view on “being supportive of good work” in the D-Community.


When news of FDA approvals and whiz-bang new D-tech makes headlines, it can be easy to criticize. But over at Delightfully Diabetic, we’re reminded to be thankful for all we have…


Finding new blogs is always fun for us, and we’re thrilled to stumble upon Malina Loves that’s written by longtime type 1 diagnosed as a teenager two decades ago. She just started in July, but already has some great posts — including this fun “Diabetes Superpowers” piece with a clever spin on how we could use some extraordinary superpowers to navigate our diabetes better. Welcome to the DOC, Malina!


It’s no secret that low blood sugars can be scary, but George “Ninjabetic” Simmons pens a post recently about his scariest moment yet in dealing with a severe hypo. Sorry to hear it, G, but glad it turned out OK!


Diabetes is a fickle bitch.” Yep, I think many of us in the D-Community can agree with that phrase, as written by Kelly Kunik over at Diabetesaliciousness.


While we’re talking about Kelly and Diabetesaliciousness, we also loved her recent interview with the mysterious “Diabetes Man Cave Dweller,” who over the summer started a blog appropriately called The Diabetes Man Cave. This email Q&A between the two is worth the read, whether you’re a guy or gal.


The Invisibility of Type 1 Diabetes is the title of this Huffington Post piece by type 1 PWD and journalist Riva Greenberg, and it’s sooo worth checking out to hear what Riva says about sharing her story and educating the public through her words.


We know that with diabetes can be exposed to horrible treatment behind bars, and this post by Taylor over at Glu looks at a scary situation she faced as a college sophomore when she was just trying to be the responsible one, but ended up on the receiving end of bad police behavior.


Thanks to all for great works this month! Please do let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye in October! Just drop a comment below, or hit us up via @DiabetesMine or Facebook, oremail.