As we wind down the summer and it’s been hot outside, our diabetes blogging radar has been lighting up with all the outstanding posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)!

Luckily there’s been no shortage of cool stuff to read online. In no particular order, here’s what caught our eye during the month of August.

{Let us know what you think about these posts, please. And ping us via email or comment below on what made your reading list this past month.}


The annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) took place early this month in New Orleans, and DOC friend Scott Johnson offers this recap on how the org really ramped up its social media presence and focus this year. You can also see our coverage, thanks to our correspondent Wil Dubois, who attended the conference for the ‘Mine.

Amazing that it’s been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina devasated New Orleans, and D-Dad Tom Karlya shares a story about how he jumped into action following that disaster — and how everything came full circle recently in New Orleans for him.


A must-read over at Kerri Sparling’s SixUntilMe blog is this guest post from a longtime type 1 who goes by the pen name DC Scribe on Twitter. He writes about how he’s managed his diabetes for decades without any issue and a large part of that stems from his skepticism about diabetes technology (!).


This month, we saw the tragic news about the death of type 1 PWD Michael Robinson in Missouri, who was arrested and jailed for not paying child support and then died while incarcerated due to what looks to be a complete neglect of his diabetes behind bars. D-blogging friend Lee Ann Thill writes an incredibly important post that really gets the mind working, about how the DOC intersects with other health communities and advocacy initiatives, the relationship to Black Lives Matter and how white privilege may factor in to our community’s response.


A new blog caught our eye, with the name, My Type 3 Is Watching Me! This post called “The Everyday Daredevil” is a good read talking about some of the fears and adventurous times we can have when living with diabetes.


Zombies and Diabetes …. need we say more? Be prepared and check out this blog post from D-peep Zachary Evans over at Diabetes Daily about surviving the zombie apocalypse with diabetes.


Low blood sugars can be scary, especially when they play out like this one that Stephen Shaul experienced recently. Sorry to hear of this hypo, but we are glad it turned out OK in the end.

And btw, Stephen also asks us to “Imagine This,” in a post penned at Happy Medium for all of those who are not living with diabetes. Worth a read and something to share with the non-D world about what we deal with constantly. Just imagine…

Speaking of hypos, Neeljadeja has a post that pulls you in just with the title: “Everything was in slow motion, Even my brain was slow motion. A Hypoglycemic Episode Explained.” Yep, worth the click.


Do you experiennce “Shopoglycemia” (lows in the grocery store or while shopping)? Yep, many of us certainly do, and D-advocate and blogger Melissa Lee shares a post on A Sweet Life about how that experience happens to her sometimes.


What a great post by our Grumpy Pumper pal overseas, who’s marked his 26th diabetes anniversary this month. And in good DOC form, he has a fiesty blog post to mark the occasion. 🙂


Technically, this post by Rick Phillips ran on July 31 (the same day as our past month’s DOC Roundup), but since that’s pretty much August already, we’re including it here. What a beautiful and informative tribute to his mom, Marjorie.


Renza writes an impassioned post at Diabetogenic, after correcting a coffee shop barista who thought it was OK to use diabetes as a punchline and sales tactic for sweets.


Being a golfer, I enjoyed this post by Ryan at Diabetes Daily Grind on a parallel between golf and diabetes. Not sure reading will help your golf swing or blood sugars, but as to great diabetes blogs to read, it’s par for the course. Fore!


Our new-to-blogging peep Phyllis Kaplan has a Diabetes Camp story over at her blog, Confessions of a Type 1 Diabetic. She ends with a call to action for D-Community and all those reading along.


We enjoyed finding yet another new diabetes blog called Life of Leo. And this post about diabetes and alcohol has some good perspective, should you be interested in partaking in adult beverages. Drink up (this tasty post, that is).


And while we’re on good drinks that many of us in the diabetes community love, there’s this Coffee and Insulin post by Sarah who talks about a Life of Hunger on her 10-year diaversary this month.


We share our favorites every month, but want to include yours as well. Please email us your personal favorite D-post picks for the month of September. We look forward to hearing from you, Friends!