So... It's officially been 5 weeks since I started on the OmniPod, and I finally tried it on my arm.  Armed.  Banded.  Armbanded.  Weird.

Already, I was so accustomed to wearing that box on my stomach that I startle each time I notice myImg_0108_3 empty abdomen: Where-oh-where has my pump gone?  Have I lost it?  Ah no, the shoulder. That's right.  It did feel a little achy back there when I wasn't looking.

Actually, the insertion hurt even less on the arm than it did on my tummy, so I was pleased with that.  And I love being lump-free in the middle. But I also forgot how strange it might look without sleeves.  As I pulled off my sweatshirt in aerobics class the other morning, a friend approached to ask, "What's that on your arm?"  "Oh, you know I'm really a Cyborg, right?"  No one else asked any questions.  But I couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror.  Hmm, definitely better covered by my workout tops in that setting.

Admittedly, I've also run into a few door jams. I've got to readjust my perception of the width of my shoulders, and/or try moving the Pod a little lower and further back on my arm.

But for sleeping, the arm site has turned out to be even more comfortable than the stomach.  I sleep on my right side a lot, so was careful to attach the Pod to the left shoulder where I wouldn't lay on it. No Problemo.  Never notice it -- as opposed to on the tummy, where I somehow managed to roll partially onto it no matter which end it was oriented towards...

Still, the arm site doesn't look as cool on me as it does on pop star Nick Jonas, for example.  With a box on the upper arm, guys kind of get this rebel look -- like they're sporting a pack of cigarettes.  Me, I just look like some dippy soccer mom who maybe taped her cell phone to her shoulder.  *Sigh*

Nevertheless, I love having options.  In three days' time, I'll have to move it again anyway.  Maybe I'll save the Arm Trick for next time this soccer mom gets the opportunity to go hot-tubbing.  Good thing we modern Cyborgs are otherwise waterproof ;)

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