Here it is, at last — what we’ve all been waiting for in diabetes tools… something that does away with the hassle of schlepping around multiple devices… !

It’s the mother of all D-devices, coupling diabetes management needs and general lifestyle helpers in a way we’ve never seen before.

And get this: It’s now ready to buy, thanks to the FDA’s approval on this very day!

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Illustration by Jerry King/DiabetesMine

This extremely useful device also gives a message of “You Can Do This!” when it senses your blood sugars dropping or rising, or whenever you’re faced with a challenging situation in life. How cool is that?!

And there’s more! While researching this fantastic new all-in-one diabetes device, we also uncovered an early prototype drawing by the talented Sara Krugman, a fellow type 1 who’s been part of our Innovation Summits in past years. Her interesting design is a riff on the early insulin pumps that were backpack-style, but with WAY more functionality: These concepts are beyond our wildest imaginings!

Details on cost and availability are to follow, we’re told by the Acme Diabetes Device Designers, who are the real masterminds behind both of these new gadgets.

But based on what we’ve seen so far, we give them both an A+.

(Oh yes, and Happy April 1!)