Coming this June:  A comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on earth.

And who could possibly be qualified to dig up dirt on drug companies and health-care providers for a blockbuster documentary -- by asking his web site visitors to send in their testimonials, no less?  Why Michael Moore, of course.

Moore's been working on "Sicko" for several years, so unfortunately, we're too late to send in our horror stories, folks.  The film is expected to debut at the upcoming Festival de Cannes in May.

Moore_sicko_2 Already last summer, the drug companies were up in arms over this piece of art. 

Moore is quoted recently on indieWIRE, talking about the "obstacles" he's faced in making the film: "The pharmaceutical [companies] have a whole fire drill including [instructional] videos and hotlines [for employees] who see Michael Moore... But disgruntled employees have sent me material."

Meanwhile, there's a pretty substantial backlash against this Oscar-winning director, who not everyone thinks is so funny. His opponents have actually put together a documentary called "Manufacturing Dissent" that critizes Moore for "tweaking the documentary form" to fit his own political agenda.

When it comes to his exposé of the American health care system, however, I still can't wait to see it.  Because we all know the troubles run deep. And Moore will expose them. And make it entertaining, too.  So much so that we'll be cringing in our seats.

Editor's Note: If you want to know more, I discovered you can purchase a 955-word National Review article about the "Sicko" controversy on Knock yourselves out, Sickos :)

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