Greetings, Holiday Merrymakers. Today I have the pleasure of announcing our three GRAND PRIZE WINNERS of the DiabetesMineâ„¢ Holiday Survival Sweepstakes.

But first, we'd like thank you one and all for participating!  We judges are now compiling some of our favorite tips to showcase in an eBook of "survival nuggets" for the diabetes community.  If you'd like to help illustrate this book, you can submit your relevant D-photos at the new Flickr group HERE.

So, out of the nearly 50 preselected winners of this five-week contest, my middle daughter helped me draw three lucky GP winners — using the time-tested, fully randomized methodology of drawing names from a hat (er, a mug in this case).  Please see this intricate process documented below:

Now, without further ado... drumroll, please... we hereby announce that the GRAND PRIZE WINNERS are:

Oddly, every one of them writes a diabetes blog of their own.  Yet this was not a prerequisite, I swear.  My 9-year-old's little fingers simply plucked their printed email addresses from the mug!

♥ Tmana and Cara will be getting in shape as they each enjoy a free Starter Membership with personalized diabetes coaching, "customized to your goals and lifestyle." They'll get a full two months of complimentary service, valued at $295.

  • Fit4Dâ„¢provides personalized nutrition, fitness and wellness guidance to people with diabetes.  Coaches integrate motivational support within programming delivered in both group and one-on-one individualized formats.  The Fit4D coaching team, comprised of dieticians, exercise physiologists, nurses who are also certified diabetes educators (CDEs), focuses on empowering people with diabetes to live rich and fulfilling lives. (Read about our judge Scott Johnson's personal experience with the service HERE.)

♥ Badshoe will be lookin' bling and well-protected with his new WELLalarm™ Gold Vermeil Circle of Health Charm, paired with Two Free years of Platinum emergency medical notification service. Total retail value, $228.

  • WELLalarm is a next-generation emergency medical alert system that combines the power of technology with fashion to protect the lives of the millions of people living with allergies and serious health conditions.  Each WELLalarm product includes a unique WELL-ID number, a toll-free number and an emergency URL that enables bystanders and first responders to access vital medical information from your account in an emergency.

A million thanks to all of our generous prize donors:


aDorn Designs

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Cooper Labs (POL skin cream)


Gilden Tree Creams

HAH Originals



Verē Goods

Author Sheri Colberg-Ochs

And THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OF YOU for participating in the Holiday Survival Sweepstakes!  It was even more fun (and more work) than we could have anticipated... and yet, I am planning another cool contest here at the Mine very soon.  So stick around for that.

Meanwhile, we're not out of the woods on surviving the holidays just yet; any remaining tips you all might have on handling New Year's celebrations with diabetes are still welcome here.  Just for the help of it.

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