Hi All,

Interested in attending the 2015 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit coming up at Stanford University in November on full scholarship*?

We’re running our contest a little earlier this year, so we have more time to work with our winners in advance of the event.DiabetesMine Patient Voices Contest 2015

What we’re looking for: passionate patients willing to share their best “diabetes life hacks” and lend their voices to our influential Summit event.

You have one month to apply! Details below…


About the Contest & Summit

We're proud to announce our 2015 Patient Voices Contest — an annual scholarship program in which we seek a group of activated patients who wish to attend and participate in our DiabetesMine Innovation Summit held each fall at Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA.

Our winners act as "delegates" for the patient community, expressing our needs and desires to the Powers That Be: pharma industry and regulatory leaders, health insurance execs, clinicians, entrepreneurs, health tech experts, the country's largest clinics and national advocacy organizations and more.

This year's Summit will take place on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015. Our contest winners are awarded *funding to cover airfare, two nights in a hotel, and a meal budget for attending the Innovation Summit.


What Do We Mean by “Diabetes Life Hacks”?

The official definition of a life hack is “any procedure or action that solves a problem, simplifies a task, reduces frustration, etc. in one's everyday life.”

Watch this video to get a flavor of life hacks:

We are of course looking for examples of this in everyday life with diabetes.

  • How did you solve one or more common D-problem – using some tool or process for a positive outcome?
  • We’d love to hear especially about how you were able to TEAM UP with your doctor or health insurer or caregiver to make something about your diabetes care better or easier…
  • In the contest entry form, we welcome you to cite as many life hacks as you like, and preference will be given to those who can supply some photos, video, or other multimedia materials illustrating their hacks.

NOTE that the hacks you submit to be repeatable, i.e. something other PWDs could try.

A couple of examples, from our world:


Life Hack iconLab Relief Hack - AmyT

I used to put off getting my lipid panel test for months at a time, because I can't stand the fasting thing. Not eating breakfast before I leave the house makes me feel weak and off-the-scales cranky. Thankfully, my husband came up with the idea of making it a "lab date"; he drives to the hospital and drops me right in front of the door for quick access, and once the blood’s drawn he takes me out to breakfast at the on-site café – magic!


Life Hack icon Quake CGM Alarms Hack - DanielS

I always used to sleep through my CGM alerts -- and so does my wife! We're just heavy sleepers, so we never heard them. But that totally defeats the purpose of wearing a CGM overnight. So we figured out that we could use the Quake Alert app to intensify the CGM alerts so they're so loud we can't possibly miss them. The app detects vibration, so if you just lay your CGM right under your phone at night, the vibration during alerts will set off the app's super-loud earthquake alarm.


Life Hack icon Dr.'s Appointments Hack - MyraS

Getting to doctor's appointments always takes a lot of time and energy, and I never felt like I got much out of them. I love my endo, but the time was always just spent on garden-variety medical questions. I finally discussed this with her, and we came up with a checklist idea -- I make notes (on my iPhone, cause I'm too lazy to write it down!) of the things bothering me most, and the one or two things I want her to help me achieve, and I can even email the list to her before going in. This is so much more helpful!

How Do I Enter the Contest?

Please review the contest rules & eligibility info here.

Applying is simple: Please fill out the application form below.

Supporting materials can be emailed to us at info@diabetesmine.com.

Applications are accepted through 5pm PST on Friday, April 24, 2015.


We so look forward to hearing your voices! 


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