What was it they say? "Two diabetics, three opinions." (or was that about another group?)

DisagreementAnyway, no surprise to see the wildly different reactions and advice I got on my last post about my inhaled insulin dilemma. Answers ranged from "No, I wouldn't participate" to "this sounds so cool!" to "what the heck?"

I'm still mulling it over, for all the listed reasons. Essentially, it's fear vs. excitement at the prospect of needle-free diabetes care. Not that the injections hurt or embarrass me, mind you; they're just a hassle-and-a-half!!, to put it mildly. Wouldn't it be nice to just inhale -- no fuss, no muss? Except of course for the potential LUNG DAMAGE. See? I'm going in circles here... never mind that for now.

Another hotly contested diabetes topic comes to mind (since I wrote about it this month on dLife): the Great D-Labels Debate.

Here's the skinny, according to me:

We live in an in-your-face era. Sex, bodily functions, neuroses -- nothing is sacred. And then there's the concept of "political correctness," a pushback on using terms that might marginalize or insult certain groups of people. There are so many terms and labels bouncing around the diabetes arena, my personal take is that we ought to seek some clarity and stop getting insulted (agree on definitions and get over the emotional baggage)...

I'd love to tell you more, but dLife owns the rights. Perhaps you care to go read it, and then tell me what you think, 'kay? I'm getting addicted to all your fascinating feedback here :)

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