From the "Did You Know?" file, two fascinating news items to ponder:

1) Ginger Graham, the fiery readheaded CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (makers of Symlin Graham_1and Byetta), is a former rodeo star! OK, maybe not a star, but the new January '06 issue of Business Week features a photo of her roping a goat. She's also a former exec of insulin makers Eli Lilly & Co., and in 1987, brokered the sale of Elizabeth Arden to Faberge for $735 million -- then the largest cosmetics deal in history. She appears to be quite the character. BW notes that she does not have diabetes, but pricks her finger daily for a BG test, just to get the feeling of it all. "I dread it... it's so unpleasant," she's quoted as saying. This is where she lost her charm for me. Once a day just for fun and she's complaining?! Come on! It really doesn't hurt that bad.

2) Back in October, AOL purchased Weblogs, Inc., the company that runs, among many others, our own The January issue of Wired features a story on "DotCom Poster Boy" Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, Inc., whose wife mother Catherine actually posted on TheDiabetesBlog and TheCancerBlog for a time (between Paul Chaney and the new crews over there). So now the blogs are owned by AOL. What will the future hold? Acquiring dozens of technology, mediaAolweblogs and entertainment blogs is one thing, but what stake does AOL have in diabetes? Or cancer? Or heart disease? One can't help but wonder if being gobbled up by an even larger media empire is a good or bad thing for such "special interests." The article lauds Calacanis for his innovation in building such a successful blogging network. The idea was: "Marketers who might be nervous about advertising on blog written by some impassioned nobody would get peace of mind knowing there was a corporate structure running the books and at least loosely monitoring the site's content." Ahem -- I beg your pardon! Here's one "impassioned nobody" who still believes in the value of editorial independence. Anybody with me here?

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