Nope, these innovative designs for "all-in-one" diabetes devices (everything you need for both glucose testing and insulin injections in one package!) were NOT shown at the ADA Expo this past week.  That's because they don't exist yet, except in the minds of some more of our űber-creative contestants in this year's $10,000 DiabetesMine Design Challenge.

And I have to ask myself: isn't there a market for something nice and compact like this? If OmniPod can win big by building a glucose meter right into its pump controller, why wouldn't another company snap up the concept for a sleek glucose meter + injection device?  Have a look at what some of our participants came up with:


The Multi

- it even includes a barcode scanner so you can "automatically" count carbs off food labels! -



- it's ergonomic, easy to use, and keeps records of doses and dosing times, too -



CheckMate 100

- you can test & inject in the dark, without a table, standing up you name it! -



Dear Insulin Pen Users:

Do these designs not look appealing? Enough to fight your insurance for? Or how much might you pay out-of-pocket for the all-in-one convenience? Just curious. Before I started pumping, I'd have given my right arm (figuratively speaking) for something like this.


The closest thing being shown at the ADA Expo was in fact a product under development from Intuity Medical that calls itself the "OnQ All-in-One" — a new competitor to the Accu-Chek Compact Plus Meter. It actually is a bit more all-in-one than the Compact Plus because it doesn't even require a separate lancing device; the lancet and strip technology is all contained inside. All you do is hold your finger up to the little red "target" spot, push a button, and your finger is pricked by a fresh needle ever time (they come in a drum).


No insulin component to it, but it still would be nice to do away with the fuss and muss of loose test strips — provided the lancing drums contain enough tests to last at least a whole day, and are affordable.  This one won't be on the market for a while yet either, so only time will tell.


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