It's almost annual ADA Conference showtime, Folks, and news announcements are in the air. Here are some initial bits you might like to know about:

* Eli Lilly has announced the winners of its Inspired by Diabetes Contest, notably Theresa Garnero — a San Francisco-based nurse and CDE who's used her drawing talent to make light of diabetes in cartoon form. Congrats, Theresa!

* Who says nothing is new in the glucose meter market? Actually a number of players are "dumbing down" their products for super-easy testing without all the fuss. This morning my buddies at AgaMatrix announced the launch of two new meters in their WaveSense product line (along with the Keynote & Jazz models): WaveSense Presto and WaveSense Pro.

The WS Presto is a no-code meter "that consumers can buy at a value price." That means the test strips don't require coding, and it costs "considerably less than no code meters from the major brands." It also boasts "improved ergonomics" and a brighter backlight.

The WS Pro is actually designed for use in hospital and clinical settings, "with added features for increased safety." I'm not quite sure what that means yet.

I know this all sounds like just a bunch of bells & whistles, but the whole thing about WaveSense is the proprietary technology that improves significantly on the accuracy of glucose testing. Read all about that HERE. Personally, I'm not jumping to switch meters, but I sure do love to see improvements in D-designs, no matter how incremental.

* Speaking of which, you may have heard rumor that a San-Diego based company called Tandem Diabetes Care is preparing to release a new insulin pump in few week. Well, the rumors are true! And that's all I know about that at the moment, since their website is still under construction.

* In preparation for all the news coming out of this weekend's ADA meeting, Novo Nordisk has created an informational podcast, which is nothing short of weird. There's some good info about GLP-1 drugs and other research advancements, but both the interviewer and interviewee sound computer-generated. If they are real people, they need to loosen up and learn how to sound less scripted :)

This is why it's nice to attend industry events in person sometimes: just to experience the actual people behind all the corporate logos that make the stuff that keeps us alive. Stay tuned.

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