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As one of the longest-running fingerstick glucose meter brands available for people with diabetes, OneTouch is a staple within our community in a way that few other products can compete with.

With an established history dating back to the mid-1980s, the OneTouch brand is the signature line from Pennsylvania-based LifeScan, which was a division of Johnson & Johnson until 2018, when the pharma giant left the diabetes device space. The company is now owned by global investment firm Platinum Equity.

OneTouch Verio meters remain some of the most accurate and trustworthy glucometers for those needing to do fingerstick checks to monitor their blood sugar levels.

There are a few different varieties of OneTouch Verio meters that offer slightly different features. But whichever version of this curvy white-faced meter you might use, they all offer a prominent “color range indicator” for low, in-range, and high readings (blue, green, red) to help people with diabetes who might otherwise have trouble interpreting the numerical results that glucose meters offer.

Our DiabetesMine team tried out the OneTouch Verio Reflect meter, which is the most advanced version of the Verio and offers pattern recognition and diabetes “mentoring” with tips and advice depending on your blood sugar results. We also synced this meter with the OneTouch Reveal app on a smartphone, to get a better look at our results and patterns.

Multiple versions of the OneTouch Verio meters have been available for nearly a decade. The latest line of products includes: a very basic OneTouch Verio introduced in 2015, the OneTouch Verio Flex that came out in 2016, and the OneTouch Reflect new in 2020.

These are the only available OneTouch Verio meters at the moment, replacing now-discontinued products including the Verio IQ meter and subsequent Verio Sync; the OneTouch Ultra and USB-sized mini-meter; and also the OneTouch Ping that connected with an insulin pump from LifeScan’s now-defunct Animas division.

The three current OneTouch Verio meters offer different levels of data and interaction:

OneTouch Verio

This is the most basic model, displaying just a simple blood glucose (BG) result and a color-coded message on whether the current result falls within a pre-programmed target range or not. The white and black-faced meter is thicker than the other Verio models, but the form factor with the test strip port at the top of the meter is the same. There are no buttons to push on the front of this meter, nor is any scrolling necessary. There is only a small button on the side of the meter used to program the settings. The meter provides programmed messages and feedback based on your BG results.

OneTouch Verio Flex

The Verio Flex model has a few more features, but is still pretty basic. It has a slightly smaller screen and the color-coded key to indicate high, low, or in-range is painted right on the meter itself below the display screen. Each time you check your BG, an arrow points to where you fall on that color-coded range key. There are buttons on the front of the meter below the display screen, used to navigate the different settings and pre-programmed messages.

OneTouch Verio Reflect

The most advanced in the family of OneTouch Verio meters, the Verio Reflect has a slimmer and more compact form factor. There are four buttons on the face of the meter: up and down arrows, a back button, and an OK button for confirmations.

The Reflect meter offers more personalized messages and guidance via the “Blood Sugar Mentor” feature. It helps explain what different BG readings mean, and offers tips for addressing them with diabetes management actions. For example, if you’ve had two lows in a row, it will help you detect why: maybe you missed a meal, took too much insulin, or had an unusual level of exercise that resulted in those lower blood sugars?

The OneTouch Reveal mobile app connects with these various OneTouch Verio meters, using Bluetooth to automatically sync blood sugar results. It’s a free app for Android, iPhone, or tablet devices.

This mobile app is powered by Welldoc’s well-known BlueStar technology, and clinical data from 2020 shows that the OneTouch Reveal app with the subscription coaching services helps people with diabetes (particularly those with type 2 diabetes) better manage their health.

Per LifeScan, the app can help you by:

  • offering an easy-to-view color-coded diabetes logbook with 14, 30, 90-day overviews
  • allowing you to recognize patterns and transform data into colorful snapshots that connect your blood sugar results with food, insulin, and activity
  • drawing a timeline of important blood sugar events and activities, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range
  • providing notifications on your smartphone when a high or low blood glucose pattern is detected
  • allowing you to set personalized reminders to stay on top of patterns, insulin and meds, food, and exercise
  • letting you set up and track specific goals in order to visualize progress over time
  • offering a food library to track favorite foods
  • enabling you to track carbs consumed each day as it relates to blood sugar levels
  • connecting with Apple Health and many other diabetes devices and digital platforms, in order to integrate data
  • connecting with Fitbit in order to help users track their steps each day
  • letting you share results with healthcare professionals between visits via email with personalized data reports
  • including a tool to compare your lab A1C result to your average of blood sugar readings over the past 90 days
  • offering 1-on-1 coaching available through the app

Users can can sign up for a health coaching subscription to be connected with one of OneTouch’s certified diabetes care and education specialists, who can answer questions, provide feedback, and offer encouragement when needed via text, email, or phone.

The same proprietary test strips are used in each of the OneTouch Verio meters. They do not work in older meters such as the OneTouch Ultra 2, which uses a different brand of strips. The Verio strips require a small blood sample size of just 0.4 micro-liters and provide a result within 5 seconds.

They are designed a bit differently than other strips, in that they have a two-pronged fork edge that you insert into the meter. You then apply the droplet of blood onto the top edge of the other end of these thin strips.

Data submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2020 shows that OneTouch Verio meters (and the Reflect meter in particular) are among the most accurate meters. Specifically, the FDA-cleared data shows:

  • 94.1 percent of readings were better than the required accuracy standards (or within about 10 percent of a lab glucose reading)
  • 99.2 percent met the FDA’s most current accuracy standard of ~15 percent of a lab glucose result
  • 100 percent were accurate within the FDA’s older pre-2018 standard of ~20 percent of that lab result

LifeScan claims that Verio meters go above and beyond the current accuracy standard nearly 100 percent of the time. However, a Diabetes Technology Society analysis in 2018 of more than a dozen different fingerstick meters showed the OneTouch Verio meters were middle of the pack as far as accuracy, when compared to other major brands available.

DiabetesMine’s own managing editor Mike Hoskins found the Reflect meter to be consistent with his Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor results, and an average of other backup fingerstick meters he used to compare results.

Keep in mind that glucose meter results do fluctuate in real-world settings. The meter can still be a very helpful tool even if precise numbers vary by 10 or 20 points.

The OneTouch Verio meters come with their own lancing device called the OneTouch Delica Plus. It’s a little white fingerpoker the size of a thumb drive. To use it, you insert the lancet (needle) underneath the tip cap and then cock the device before pushing the button to release the lancet and poke your finger. You can change the setting (from 1 to 7) for how deep the lancet pokes your skin for a blood droplet.

The OneTouch Delica Plus can use two different sized lancets: 30-gauge fine lancets, or 33G extra fine lancets. Here, the higher the number means a smaller lancet, which means less pain. Unfortunately, since the Delica lancing device is proprietary to OneTouch, you can’t use other brand lancets or generic lancets with it. Instead, you have to purchase the special Delica lancet needles.

The Verio Reflect meter gets an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars among 302 ratings posted on Amazon. The many who like it praise the ease of use, convenient compact size, and coaching aspects. A few complained about defective test strips and questioned the accuracy versus other brands of meters.

DiabetesMine’s Hoskins used the OneTouch Reflect meter for several days while also syncing his data with the OneTouch Reveal app on his Android smartphone.

He found it to be quite accurate, and quite fun to see the happy smiley faces that popped up when his readings were in-range. He also liked the helpful insights provided around tracking patterns and suggestions to address out-of-range results.

One improvement he’d like to see would be integrating Dexcom CGM data into the OneTouch app, a feature that many other glucose meters now offer. While both Dexcom G6 and OneTouch Reveal data can integrate with other third-party apps like Apple HealthKit, it would be nice to have the CGM data directly included in the Verio app.

There are many different brands of fingerstick glucose meters, so your choice really depends on personal preferences — including how compatible the meter is with other diabetes devices, the cost of supplies, and what your insurance carrier will cover.

Other meter brands to consider include Ascensia Diabetes (formerly Bayer) Contour meters, the Accu-Chek meters by Roche Diabetes Care, the One Drop meter, and the Dario all-in-one kit.

OneTouch Verio is a respected name in diabetes glucose monitoring. Their meters are known for being easy to use, reliable, and accurate. If you’re looking for a fingerstick meter with a compact design, clear display, and many features to help you improve glucose control, you can’t go wrong with this brand.