Yesterday we received a letter from Abbott Diabetes Care via certified mail. My husband even had to sign for it. What could it be? Did I win a prize? Owe them money? Were they offering me a job?

BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP... none of the above. It appears that several batches of FreeStyle and FreeStyle Lite test strips have been inadvertently shipped out to customers before being approved for external distribution.

Seven different lots "have the potential to generate an Error 3 (Er3) message or fail to startfreestyle-strip a test" while being used with a FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash, FreeStyle Freedom, FreeStyle Lite or FreeStyle Navigator blood glucuse meters.

The company urges you to please check the lot numbers on your test strip vials.  Affected lots include --

FreeStyle: 0803221, 0802523, 0802832, 0802823, 0802422, 0718730, and

FreeStyle Lite: 0817617 and 0812304

If you have any further questions, you can call the company's hotline at 800-310-1500. Representatives will explain the procedure for returning the bad strips will arrange to ship out replacements to you at no charge. (Funny, I didn't find any mention of the company's website?)

I just received a big shipment from my mail order pharmacy, and thankfully all mine appear fine.  My main question is, how does this sort of thing happen -- having seen the stringent quality control measures these companies apply?  But when you manufacture millions upon millions of test strips per yer, I guess $#@% is bound to happen now and then.


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