Because AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is cooler than you think. Or at least, that's what their new blogger Jill Greenberg claims.

I have no idea how old Jill is, but in my head, I ran screaming from her email, shouting: "I am so too young for this!" But then I regrouped and remembered, it won't be all that long. So I ought be glad that the AARP has adopted a new(ish) motto: "Rethink 50+"

Check out their glamorous Readers' Choice models HERE.

Interesting factoid: Did you know that with about 23 million readers, "AARP The Magazine" is the world's largest circulation magazine? Whew. That's a lotta fifty-plusers. Obviously, health and healthcare issues are huge for this audience, especially those already "stricken" with conditions like diabetes.

Ergo they've launched a new public service campaign -- featuring some under-50 hotties like Ben Affleck, Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix and Garth Brooks, plus Dakota Fanning, Morgan Freeman, Eva Mendes, and Jeremy Piven -- highlighting the need for affordable, quality health care and financial security for all Americans. The home base of this campaign, which urges us to "get over the politics" and work together for the basic needs we all share, is aptly named Divided We Fail. On this well-organized site you can read the details of their platform and explore their definition of affordable healthcare.

With this all-star video campaign, the AARP's got two powerful new allies: the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF). In fact, this promo piece is directed by actor and director Tony Goldwyn -- grandson of legendary producer and EIF Founder Samuel Goldwyn -- and features music composed by Philip Glass.

Nearing 50 or not, this campaign urges everyone to "let their voice be heard on the need for affordable, quality health care and peace of mind about financial security." I'm not tellin' you what to do or anything, but this sounds like a real PSA if I ever heard one.

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