Many of you may know that yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, celebration of the Jewish New Year. 5,768 years into Jewish history, Fall still seems like a good time to me -- for "renewal" through new schools, new schedules, new season after a long, hot summer.

And a sense of relief after two days of excruciatingly long services, with the little ones constantly whispering "when's it gonna be over?" :o

This year, however, one paragraph from the ritual penetrated my consciousness, shining a light right down to my core "sense of it all":

How do we review the record of our deeds from this past year?

How do we evaluate the quality of our existence?

We cannot blame our conduct on forces beyond our control.

With our own hand we seal the record of our deeds. We are fully responsible for the quality of our life, for making the most of it -- or the least.Pomagranate

Let's make the most of it, my friends. A Happy Renewal to one and all.

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