Today is a bittersweet moment for me personally, because I am in a sense saying goodbye to this online home I've had for 10 years.

As noted last week, we're going to be found in a new spot starting tomorrow. You'll be redirected to a new site online when you click on over to, and you'll wind up at We will have a new look, and there will probably be some ups and downs as we get through the transition. But rest assured: Our editorial stance doesn't change, and everyone here will continue saying it like it is.

We are excited, because we see it as a way to connect more people with the conversations going on in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).DiabetesMine Bug Logo - new

At the same time, as it's existed will be no more.

Actually, we're just a few short weeks away from my first-ever post in this now-massive diabetes blogosphere. At the time and for a good while there in those early years, there weren't many of us. Here's what I said in that very first post of mine, way back in Feburary 2005:


Today I go live with my first thoughts and musings on diabetes. Excited to think that anyone anywhere will have access to the fodder that consumes so much of my thoughts and energy these days. Surely I'm not the only one overwhelmed enough by the juggling act this disease requires, let alone the plethora of news and information.



Let's put it this way: if I do an Internet search on a topic like, say, "diabetes foot care," I get over 2 million hits! I kid you not!



I've found scores of diabetes resource lists, fact sheets, directories, FAQs, guidelines documents and "About" pages. Not to mention the headlines and health news sites and newsletters and home video guides. Whew!



What's a busy diabetic to do? For me, the answer that's forming is this: Talk Back. Observe, filter, and comment (with the key being the middle step). And share your personal experiences. How wonderful to have a tool like a blog to communicate with others touched by diabetes! I guess I'm imagining myself a sort of "patient-pundit": not an expert exactly, but quite the lively commentator.



Welcome to "Diabetes Mine."



It's been a pretty interesting and crazy ride since then -- my open letter to Steve Jobs, Januvia and Victoza, Paula Deen, endless arrays of diabetes device coverage, Miss Manners and all related to diabetes tech innovations and the birth of #WeAreNotWaiting.

The fun isn't over, though now we get to continue on at Healthline.Healthline-Logo

With that, I say goodbye to this site and get ready to start a new chapter with Our whole team at the 'Mine is eager to keep up our news-reporting and story-sharing, albeit from an exciting new virtual home.

See you there, Friends and Loyal Readers!

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