People often ask us what to get PWDs for Valentine's Day, given that candy seems so inappropriate. Actually, gifts that say "I love you" should have nothing to do with diabetes (good or bad) in my book. Allison and I decided to put together our own little short lists of gifts that would make us happy. Maybe you agree.

Amy's Fave Things

1) For any gal who travels a lot and often gets stuck in airports, how about a 10-Minute Manicure? These clever little mini-salons are located in many major airports around the country nowadays, and you can even buy gift packs for ladies who don't mind doing their own nails on the go. (Me, I'd prefer a gift certificate for a refreshing mani right next to my boarding gate.)

2) Speaking of Gift Certificates, I absolutely love them, for just about anything: Starbucks, Target, a four-course dinner for two! I even found a website that lets you create and design your own custom gift certificate for anything, instantly.  Nice.

3) Music! If you haven't discovered it yet, definitely check out The basic tune-sharing service is actually free, but you can upgrade to $4.99 or $9.99 per month premium services. This gets you advertising-free unlimited streaming of music, and for the bigger investment, Spotify on your mobile device. Good music in your pocket always helps make a happy day.

4) Baubles, like these "I'm nuts about you" keychains, which could be a cute boyfriend gift too (no nuts puns intended). Or maybe these romantic love tokens. In a world where we all get too busy to remember about romance, how cute is that?!

5) Pretty much anything from, which true to its name, sells a lot of fun and quirky stuff.  OK, maybe I wouldn't be so hot on the moss terrarium bottle, but I happen to I really like the tiny mushroom ring dish and these adorable heart-shaped sweater potholders, in case anyone's interested (hint, hint!)

Allison's Fave Things

1) I'm a big fan of combing through all the amazing deals that Groupon, LivingSocial and Lifebooker provide daily. Whether you're looking for spa treatments for two, half price dinner at a local hot spot, or a discount at a cute bed and breakfast, these websites are chock full of Valentine's Day ideas!

2) Amy's right: remembering romance can be hard! I fell in love with these romance vouchers from Knock Knock (makers of the hilarious "While You Were Out" notepads) that are good for things like "ending an argument" and "a nice bubble bath." Plus, they have other fun gifts for lovers and prices are affordable.

3) I always feel like men are impossible to shop for, which is why I love the gift guide selections on Etsy. Although Etsy might be thought of as very girly, there actually are plenty of items for men, like this personalized coffee mug or a manly iPad cover. Plus, most Etsy gifts are handmade, so you know your gift was made with love.

4) Although I'd never recommend giving your loved one a bouquet of test strips, the DOC has some pretty interesting obsessions: cupcakes, bacon, and unicorns. Show your PWD you care with a thoughtful yet kitchy gift, like cupcake earrings, a T-shirt of Darth Vader battling a Unicorn, or even bacon-scented playdough. Diabetes is a drag, so have some fun!

5) Last but not least: the classic bouquet of flowers. I'm a sucker for flowers. They're pretty, they smell nice and they're carb-free! But get creative and buy a bouquet of your love's favorite blooms, not just the ubiquitous red roses. That way she'll know you really put some thought into it. Need some help? Watch this video tutorial.


So, Dear Readers: What were some of your favorite Valentine's gifts of all time?

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