There are so many new and colorfully wrapped health/patient web sites popping up all over the Net that I'm feeling positively showered. It's almost like Christmas! (or a very bountiful Hanukkah, depending on your perspective, of course ;)Cornucopia_worlds

I'm going to share a quick overview of the latest Health 2.0 sites that have come my way lately, in no particular order. I'm sure there are many more to be unwrapped, so feel free to post a heads-up here about any I've missed.

General Health 2.0:

* Smart Foods Healthy Kids -- a new resource for families wanting to live healthier, or dealing with chronic disorders (like diabetes, food allergies, etc.), offering articles, videos and recipes featuring organics, non-toxics, and real, whole foods. Independently run by a group of entrepreneurial parents.

* -- a new social networking site (including but not limited to dating, according to the founders) for people with various medical conditions, completely free of charge. The site separates people into one of 12 "health communities" of which "Endocrine" is its own separate community. So maybe you could meet someone with other glandular disorders here. Keep an open mind, now...

* -- founded by a board certified family doctor in Massachussetts, together with his nurse practitioner, to help primarily people with type 2 diabetes learn to eat healthfully. Because people need visuals! No sarcasm there, I really mean it. This site offers "a completely visual, photographed meal plan," which is indeed "a unique, grassroots idea for teaching portion control concepts and proper food choices."

* (ND) -- a CondéNet-owned database site that "empowers users to understand and act on this information." They've just launched a food search widget called "Know What You Eat" that bloggers can embed on their sites using code available here. Well, that could be kind of empowering, I guess.

* -- a new site to help consumers look up prices for routine health care services. Their intriguing tagline is "exposing healthcare prices." Where else can you find out what medical treatments and visits generally cost? Right now, under Outpatient Procedures and Treatments, you'll mostly find info about vaccination costs. But the site is still in its infancy, and calling on consumers like us to log the costs in our state or region for all to see.

* Enurgi -- a unique site for connecting families with trusted in-home caregivers, and tracking their background, work hours, and payment. This is more than just a "matching site," but rather a "care management portal," says founder Chiara Bell. She worked in the field herself for many years, and watched patients and caregivers alike struggle with the agencies that control most caregiver relationships. This site essentially does away with that middleman.

* CareFlash -- another online patient community, this one featuring "world-class 3D animations that take you inside the human body and explain complex body functions, diseases, and medical procedures." (Sounds like a potential competitor to eMedTV)

* -- a very beta-looking site that offers patients online consultations with doctors all over the world for $25 a pop, i.e. "the chance to consult with doctors who would otherwise be unreachable." Co-founder Rae Arora would like to gauge our level of interest. Quite frankly, I don't think it would be that high. Thoughts?

* The Patient Connection -- a UK-based research/community site that appears to geared at recruiting patients to a variety of medical and healthcare market research studies. We are encouraged to join an area called "The Patient's Voice," where we'll be kept up-to-date on what's new on the health front from government, pharmaceutical companies and physicians. Whether all this applies directly to the US as well is a bit unclear.

Diabetes Specific:

* Manage Your Diabetes from the makers of -- an info resource and interactive information hub, including patient how-to videos. "The website connects lower income and lower literacy audiences to vital information on improving their life," the creators tell me.

* -- a(nother) new online service for diabetics to log their blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, blood pressure and other levels, this time on interactive 3D graphs. Founder Steven Taylor (T2 in Delaware) calls it a "Visual Management Tool for Diabetics." Membership is free.

* DiabeticRockStar -- my personal favorite, gotta love the name. This one's "a straight-up grassroots campaign to bring awareness to the struggles of many diabetics." Its founder, Christopher Thomas,Dbrockstar is a LADA himself who was feeling quite lost after diagnosis. He's also created a Ning Community to go with his site.

And for Medical Professionals:

* iMedicor -- "the health industry's first free, HIPAA-compliant online personal health data exchange and secure messaging portal for physician collaboration, community and referrals." The service was started "by physicians for physicians" just about 2 months ago, and already has over 17,000 registered users and is gaining rave reviews.

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