Dear Birdie over at Aiming for Grace has unwittingly coined a new term: "grinchiness." Here it is still early December and she's dreading the Holidays -- "feeling a low grade tension and resentment and grinchiness about the weeks of treats and temptation ahead."Grinch_6

Birdie explains that she's "kind of hating the fact that the impending holidays are all about sweets and food and sugary excess. I get the traditions and the cultural reasons why we stack plates high with sugar and candy and treats. I understand the 'why' of all the food. I also understand the temptation to test what I know will happen if I 'taste' a few too many of those treats at every turn, at every social occasion... For now, I'm bummed that I need to sit myself down and talk through what's ahead and how I need to avoid the temptation that leads to the inevitable rollercoaster ride I know so well. For now, I'm wishing it was January 3rd and all this sugary, holiday sweetness was behind me."

I can so relate. I wrote my Straight Up column at dLife this month on this very same bah-humbug topic -- how utterly infuriating it is to be constantly

forced to say "no" when everyone around you is saying "yes."

Personally, I'm thankful that I'm not battling a weight problem, so it's not even an issue of falling off a "diet." But heck, when you're controlling your blood sugar levels manually -- even with the help of a fancy remote control device -- the extra temptations this time of year can be hellish, let's face it.

For those of you who feel don't like the whining, let it go, will ya? Because being diabetic is a bitch, and we just need to acknowledge that sometimes. Ideally among our brethren online, who can empathize. And the truth is, even some of the established diabetes organizations that ought to know better are sticking our noses in those high-GI treats. (Read the column to get that full gripe.)

So while I am enjoying our family Hanukkah celebrations, I'm still gritting my teeth at all the meals to come, and the well-meaning friends and acquaintances who keep offering baked goods with sprinkles, and the pitches on new dessert cookbooks. Sheesh.

Just getting these grumbles out of my system here... which I wish were as easy to do with those excess carbs (!)

Grinchfully Yours,


*** UPDATE: ***

It seems the NY Times' Well blog has a post up today about How to Boost Your Willpower. Among the suggestions: try improving your posture, or brushing your teeth with your opposite hand to practice your self-control. Brilliant, thanks.


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