That would be R-E-L-A-X, according to the lab technician who performed my annual mammogram yesterday morning. Of course, it's not easy to relax when you feel like your naked breast is being slammed in a refrigerator door, but her overall point is still well-taken.

Women these days are trying to do and be everything. As 2008 ramps up, I'm feeling the crunch. Let's take a quick inventory of what's going on in my life: 5 posts/week here at, two rather extensive magazine articles and multiple Health 2.0 projects in the works, 3-4x/week workouts, 5th grade homework, 3rd grade homework, Kindergarten reading group + school field trips, packed lunches, cat maintenance, massive laundry program, recurring family visits, Bay Area storm damage that ripped off half our roof, and don't forget the untold emotional trauma from having been at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day with our 3 kids just hours before the tiger attack. (We ate lunch at that cafe!) Aargh. But I'm sure your list is just as crazy.Frankie_tshirt_3

Adding diabetes to the mix is just nuts. No wonder my BG numbers have been all over the map. I had the idea that I should REALLY start keeping a careful food and insulin dosing log, but after several false starts, I'm admitting to myself that it ain't gonna happen.

Maybe I should concentrate on that five-letter-word instead. Ladies, I found some nice step-by-step Wiki instructions on how to relax HERE.

Have I mentioned, btw, that my mom is a breast cancer survivor? Hers was discovered about 15 years ago, fortunately very early in the game due to mammogram technology. I'm so proud of her. Today she's doing great, and we mostly forget that she was effected by this frightening disease. But when I'm standing with my mammary glands squeezed into the Xray machine, I suddenly have flashes of what a friend said upon hearing of my diabetes diagnosis: "You HAVE to talk with my mom! She has BOTH diabetes and breast cancer!"

Oy vey, I thought one chronic illness was all anybody deserved. I think a second would put me over the edge. So you want me to relax? Sure, as soon as I get my results of this latest mammogram with a clean bill of health!

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