We’re just about to hit November, the big Diabetes Awareness Month. But before we do, let’s all take a moment to appreciate what this past month of October has brought us from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). So before you head out for some trick-or-treat action or turn on a scary Halloween flick, be sure to check out these online treats that we felt deserved a spot in our DOC blogosphere goodie bag today!



There’s been considerable chat around online health communities lately about patients Needing To Be Heard, with many folks sharing stories of how medical professionals haven’t done a good enough job of listening. In our D-Community, Renza in Australia has some insights at Diabetogenic as does Stephen Shaul at his Happy-Medium blog. It can be a controversial issue, but one worth spending some mind power on.


On a visual note, we came across this image posted by @SugarFreeSweetTooth on Tumblr and just had to share it with all our fellow insulin addicts. Great picture for the DOC!


Enduring new diabetes issues and complications is never fun, and Mr. Mike Durbin at MyDiabeticHeart shares his recent experience with a gastric emptying study that provided an answer to what he’s been going through lately.


We are not perfect in living with diabetes, of course, and every day is a learning experience. Frank at Type 1 Writes shares that POV in one of his most recent posts, about Forever Learning in the context of D-Life.


Our type 1 blogging friend Kerri Sparling traveled to beautiful Iceland recently and she shares some of that experience, including finding a fellow Insulin Pumping PWD while at the Blue Lagoon… Check out her cleverly-named “Blue Lagoonabetes” post over at SixUntilMe.


Inclusion is so important, even moreso these days in the divisive world we’re living in. We enjoyed seeing this post by Ariel at Just a Little Suga about a recent “Diabetes on the Margins” event, where those significant issues were addressed.


Wow, what a story Scott Benner at Arden’s Day shares on his Juicebox Podcast about a young woman who had a horrific car crash caused by a low blood sugar! Definitely worth a listen, and kudos to Izzy for sharing such a sensitive story with the community.


Capturing the fun visual side of diabetes, Lauren at You’re Just My Type on Instagram tells the photo-journalism story of Ali Abdulkareem, who is a fellow type 1 and DOC’er showing off an awesome shirt that many of us would love to have. 🙂


At diaTribe, our T1D friend Adam Brown writes a post that is a must-read for everyone: My Appendix Ruptured: Scary Lessons Learned About Diabetes in the Hospital. We’re bummed to hear Adam experienced this at all, and that the hospital care with diabetes wasn’t at the level it should be. But it’s a cautionary tale that is so important for our D-Community, as we work to improve healthcare situations like this.


In the spirit of Halloween and trick-or-treating, we loved seeing this funny diabetes-themed cartoon by our friend Brad Slaight at @DeeHeroSquad on Instagram. Have fun if you’re costumed up and heading outdoors tonight for some festive Halloween fun!


Of course, once Halloween passes by, we’ll be starting up D-Month… and thanks to our T2-turned-LADA friend Mike Durbin at My Diabetic Heart, we now have a new blog site to #MakeDiabetesVisible just in time for November. Make sure to check out his new blog and use the hashtag around social media in raising awareness during the next month.


So that’s what we have on our reading list for October, Friends! Any posts catch your eye this past month?

We share our favorites each month, and would love to include yours too! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of November to us via email. We look forward to it. And in the meantime…

Happy Halloween, D-Friends!