This isn't a diet or recipe blog, in case you haven't noticed. We don't often post specifics on what to eat or not to eat. But let's face it, a huge part of dealing with diabetes every day is FOOD.

I am terribly tired of thinking about FOOD -- what's in the FOOD, how many carbs? how much protein? any fiber at all? how much insulin for this FOOD? am I really hungry for this FOOD, or just taking in unnecessary calories here? should I even be eating this snack FOOD (does it quality as FOOD)??

It's enough to make you want to cry, daily.

I'm also aware that I don't eat enough VEGETABLES. Who does, really?  I experimented with green juice shakes for a while, but just couldn't keep choking those down. So I've tried to concentrate on the green veggies that are easiest to swallow, in a word. I actually do like broccoli. For those who are not parents: I discovered that broccoli was the easiest veggie to get my kids to eat. And if kids can handle it, it can't be that bad, right?

So without further ado, here are five of my new favorite ways to eat broccoli:Broccoli icon


cookie cutter no 1Broccoli stir-fried - cooking it in this fashion tastes waaaay better than the traditional Western notion of boiling the stuff till it's soft and then adding butter to give it flavor. I've started stir-frying it with some sliced red onion, and my kids really love it. No way!

cookie cutter no 2Broccoli roll-ups - I make these with gluten-free lasagna noodles. They are good, and they look all gourmet-ish. You can also use fresh broccoli, instead of the frozen variety the recipe mentions, if you just par-boil it a bit (that means boil it real-quick-like for just a few minutes).


cookie cutter no 3Broccoli-cauliflower gratin - I normally hate cauliflower, but baking it together with broccoli this way makes both veggies taste pretty irresistible. I use gluten-free bread crumbs, of course, and as this recipe notes, you can either go the low-fat route with light mayo, or make it creamier using the full-fat stuff. btw, I love recipe sites that include an ingredient calculator based on the number of servings. Another of my kids' friends is staying for dinner tonight? No problem! Just +1 under Servings, click and print.


cookie cutter no 4Broccoli cheese soup - the recipe calls it "chowder," but I made it a little thinner by adding more broth. I also left out the potato, and added more chopped-up celery instead. Plus I used extra garlic and a packet of dried chicken-broth to punch up the flavoring. Hint: do not overcook, or you just get broccoli mush here, which doesn't taste as nice and can kill all the good nutrients too.


cookie cutter no 5Raw broccoli with All Stars Dip - these dip mixes are like, a thing, at least here in Northern California. They sell these powdered packs of gluten-free, sugar-free dip mixes at local street fairs. They always offer samples that one can taste using little stick pretzels. Being gluten-intolerant, I have to artfully lick off the dip without touching the pretzel. But the dip flavors are YUMMY! And as I'm always on the hunt for a great dip to encourage me to eat more raw vegetables, I was a total sucker for the 5 dip mixes for $20 deal. Note: you are supposed to mix these with a cup of mayonnaise and a cup of sour cream, but you can make it low-fat by using light sour cream and even plain yogurt. Admittedly, the low-fat version turns a little clumpy rather than creamy in the fridge over a few days, but I'm telling you, the flavors are good. I like the crab supreme, royal artichoke, and the habanero con queso varieties with my raw broccoli. It's like adding cream cheese frosting to plain carrot cake -- major flavor boost!


There you have it. Eat your greens, like me ;)  Enjoy.

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