Today I go live with my first thoughts and musings on diabetes. Excited to think that anyone anywhere will have access to the fodder that consumes so much of my thoughts and energy these days. Surely I'm not the only one overwhelmed enough by the juggling act this disease requires, let alone the plethora of news and information.

Let's put it this way: if I do an Internet search on a topic like, say, "diabetes foot care," I get over 2 million hits! I kid you not!

I've found scores of diabetes resource lists, fact sheets, directories, FAQs, guidelines documents and "About" pages. Not to mention the headlines and health news sites and newsletters and home video guides. Whew!

What's a busy diabetic to do? For me, the answer that's forming is this: Talk Back. Observe, filter, and comment (with the key being the middle step). And share your personal experiences. How wonderful to have a tool like a blog to communicate with others touched by diabetes! I guess I'm imagining myself a sort of "patient-pundit": not an expert exactly, but quite the lively commentator.

Welcome to "Diabetes Mine."