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Mary Van Doorn is a type 2 diabetes advocate, diabetes paraprofessional, certified personal trainer, and the founder of Sugar Mama Strong Diabetes Support for Women, a support group for women with diabetes, and The Sugar Mama Strong Sisterhood, a wellness program designed for women living with type 2 diabetes. 

Her work has been featured on Yahoo! Living, Parents.com, Diabetic Living Magazine, Healthline, and Healthgrades. 

Before diving into diabetes advocacy and support, she was an elementary school teacher in South Florida. After moving her family to the Atlanta area and having her second child, she began her journey to wellness which led her to pursue various fitness certifications and ultimately change careers. 

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Living with diabetes can be challenging, so it’s essential for me to have the right support system in place.

Beyond my health care team, family, friends, and online community, I lean on my local Walgreens pharmacist to answer questions about my medications, drug interactions, and testing supplies and to recommend trusted products to help me manage my condition. For me, one-stop shopping is where it’s at! Plus, Walgreens brand diabetes products are a great everyday value.

Here are my go-to products for living with type 2 diabetes.

1. Pen needles

Being on daily insulin injections means I need to stay stocked with what I need to deliver my injections safely and effectively. This includes the newly-launched inexpensive and easy-to-use Walgreens OB Pen Needles.  

2. Blood glucose meter

Knowledge is power when it comes to my glucose control. That’s why an extra meter to take with me is a must-have. I keep a glucose meter in the kitchen and one in my purse. I also use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  

Often, people think I don’t need a traditional glucose meter because I have a CGM. But in actuality, I use my meter often, especially to confirm low or high blood sugar before making treatment decisions. The Walgreens Brand Premium True Metrix Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is fast, accurate, and stores 500 results with the date and time.

3. Blood glucose test strips

If you live with diabetes, navigating insurance coverage can be a challenge at times. That’s why I love using the Walgreens Brand True Metrix Glucose Meter, test strips, and lancets

Not only is the system accurate, but it only requires a small blood sample, and the strips are easy to handle. Plus, for those of us on a budget or using the True Metrix system as a backup, the strips are super affordable!

4. A1C test kit

I’ll admit that patience is not my best quality, and sometimes I want to sneak a peek at my A1C before I’m scheduled for lab work. When the urge strikes, I can grab the Walgreens Brand At-Home A1C Test Kit. I’ve found it accurate and easy to use, and I love having it on hand to keep myself on track. 

5. Glucose tablets

Experiencing a hypoglycemic episode can be scary. A must-have for anyone living with diabetes is fast-acting glucose to treat low blood sugar. Keeping glucose tablets on hand is an easy way to stay prepared if my blood sugar drops. The Walgreens Brand glucose tablets dissolve easily and, in my opinion, taste pretty good compared to other tablets on the market. 

6. Glucose shots

Another way to raise blood sugar is to use a glucose liquid, like the Glucose Shots from Walgreens. I like keeping these in my workout space in case my blood sugar dips during exercise. 

7. Diabetic quarter socks for women

Taking care of my feet is a priority, especially living with this chronic condition. My feet feel best wearing diabetic socks. The diabetic quarter socks from Walgreens are soft, have a smooth toe seam, and have a wide opening, so my feet don’t feel restricted. 

Other important things I do for foot care include:

  • regularly checking my feet for signs of injury or infection
  • washing my feet every day and drying them thoroughly after the fact
  • making sure my shoes fit properly and aren’t too snug
  • moisturizing to prevent dry, cracked skin

My Walgreens pharmacy

Walgreens pharmacists are specially trained in diabetes care to help answer any questions I have about medications, products, care, and management. And it’s easy to shop for products right on-site with Walgreens brand offerings that are created with care. 

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Save on diabetes testing supplies at Walgreens*. 

*Savings as compared to national brand diabetes supplies

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Living with type 2 diabetes can feel like a full-time job. Watching what I eat, keeping up with appointments, shopping for supplies, taking medications on schedule, and staying active, along with everything else I’m responsible for as a wife, mom, and business owner is a daunting task. 

Having my doctors, loved ones, and the Walgreens team on my side makes things a bit easier. Their support makes all the difference. I don’t feel overwhelmed by my chronic condition. Instead, I feel empowered to take control and thrive.