Wil Dubois

Wil Dubois has been writing for DiabetesMine since 2011, as a freelance correspondent and longtime columnist writing the weekly Ask D’Mine column for many years. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult in 2004, Wil brings his personal experience as well as clinical experience to his writing. Wil spent half his adult life working in the non-profit medical space, employed as a health educator serving low-income diabetes populations in New Mexico. Wil was one of the first 30 people ever to use the Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring system, and he was an early online diabetes blogger at LifeAfterDx in 2005. He’s written thousands of Internet and magazine articles and has authored four books on diabetes, including Taming the Tiger and Beyond Fingersticks. He lives in Las Vegas, NM with his wife and son and one too many cats. For fun, Wil races airplanes, as he’s one of a small number of licensed pilots with diabetes.

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