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Carol Scott Age: 65 Diagnosed: 2011 Carol Scott Okay, Nicky, time to go for a walk. My name is Carol Scott. And I’ve known about Parkinson’s almost a year. I was diagnosed the day after my 64th birthday. I’m sure that I had the symptoms for at least five years before I was diagnosed. When I was typing on my computer, my thumb would wiggle, and my hand started to shake a little bit. And then one evening I began to shake violently, just all over. So my husband took me to the emergency room. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but they did ask me to follow up with a neurologist. And when I came back in six months, she said, “Oh I’m sorry to say you do have Parkinson’s.” And it was devastating. I think my situation is very different from the average person because my husband is handicapped, and now I am starting to fail in certain areas too, so we have to kind of work that out. George Scott (Husband) She still cooks and does these things, and she just kind of fights through everything. I try to keep it pretty low key so she doesn’t have to stress, because it aggravates Parkinson’s. Carol Scott What I found is that exercise is really key. And so that keeps me active and moving. My neurologist says I’m better than I was the first day she met me. Support Group Coordinator …wisdom that you will get from support groups is invaluable to you. Carol Scott This particular support group that I attend, which is a national organization, provides almost everything that you need. You get information to share. You network. You don’t feel isolated and alone. I mean my husband has compassion for me, but he really doesn’t know what I’m feeling, so it’s nice to have someone to commiserate with that really understands, especially if they’re an encouraging person. My daughter says, Mom, you’re shaking, you’re shaking! And I said yes, I am. I will, I do, I can’t stop. You know, when you have something devastating happen to you, after a while it becomes your norm. And I’m just taking one day at a time. I go for a walk with my dog and I think, “Oh look at those beautiful flowers! Look at this gorgeous day.” You know, this day is probably gonna be better than tomorrow will, might be for me, so I’m gonna enjoy every bit of what I have and make the most of it.