Friday, April 18, 2014

Save from Anywhere Tool

What is it? If you're already a Healthline member, this tool allows you to save any web page to your Healthline account. How to use it? When you find a web page that you want to save, simply click on the "Save from Anywhere" option located in the "Links" menu of your browser. How do I get it?

Step 1.
Make sure your "Links" bar is visible

If it's not, or if you're not sure, got to the "View" menu of your browser and click "Toolbars". Make sure "Links" is checked

Step 2.
Right-click this icon:
Healthline - Save from Anywhere

Step 3.
Choose "Add to Favorites".

Click "Yes" if there is a "May not be safe" warning.

Step 4.
Click "Create in". Select the "Links" folder

Step 5.
Click "OK"

Step 6.
Your're done!

Let me try it!

Step 1.
Go to any page on the web.

Step 2.
Select "Healthline - Save from Anywhere" from your "Links" menu.

Step 3.
You'll be taken to your Healthline account where you can rate the web page you just saved, write notes and assign reminder tags to help you find the page later.

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