Vaginal venous plexus

The vaginal venous plexus are small veins on the sides of the vagina that are near the uterine veins. These tributaries communicate with the uterine, vesical, and the rectal venous plexus. It is a tributary, or a vein that drains into another vein. The vesical plexus includes the bladder and arteries, which include the middle vesical artery and the inferior vesical artery. The vaginal venous plexus also communicates with the hemorrhoidal plexus, which are a network of veins that are around the rectum and serve to link to the uterovaginal network of veins. The hemorrhoidal network of veins is also called the rectal venous plexus. The vaginal venous plexus pushes blood into a system of internal iliac veins. These veins, located in the pelvis unite with other veins including external iliac vein and the common iliac vein. In addition to the venous drains in the vagina, there are also lymph drains which are made up of the superior, middle, and vestibule drains. These drains work with the uterine, vaginal, and the superficial lymph.
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In Depth: Vaginal venous plexus

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