Superior ulnar collateral artery

The superior ulnar collateral artery refers to a thin artery in the arm. It is also known as the inferior profunda artery and is located near the middle area in the arm. The artery runs alongside the arteria profunda brachial, which supplies blood to the deltoid muscle. It is sometimes viewed as part of the arteria profunda brachial or as connected to the brachial artery. The artery branches off the ulnar nerve, which controls motor function and movement of the arm and hand. Damage to nerve impairs functions. Pinched nerve problems may also arise, which causes tingling in the hand, arm, or digits of the hand. The damage may also interfere with the flow of blood through the arm, along the artery. The superior ulnar collateral artery starts at the triceps brachii on the upper backside of the arm and ends at the flexor capri ulnaris muscle, which causes the hand to flex. The flexor capri ulnaris muscle is found on the far side of the forearm.
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In Depth: Superior ulnar collateral artery

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