The sternohyoid muscle is a long, thin muscle which is located along the length of the front of the human neck. This muscle is connected by tendons to the hyoid bone at the top end, and connected to the sternum at the lower end. Due to its location, it is useful for several functions, including depression of the hyoid bone, head and neck movement, and speech. The sternohyoid muscle's main function is the depression of the hyoid bone. The hyoid bone is located below the mandible, and is a "U" shaped bone that is partially responsible for tongue movement and the action of swallowing. The sternohyoid is one of a pair of muscles responsible for this action. The sternohyoid muscle lies along the left side of the trachea in the throat area. Although it is generally the same in most cases, there are some variations in this muscle. Some individuals may have structural differences in this muscle, and occasionally it may be absent.
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In Depth: Sternohyoid

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