Bones of cranium

There are eight major and eight auxiliary bones of the cranium. The eight major bones of the cranium are connected by cranial sutures, which are bands that resemble fibers and connect the bones of the skull. The eight major bones of cranium are: Ethmoid bone: diminutive rectangular bone inside the cavity of the eye that is located behind the bridge of the nose Frontal bone: extends from the forehead to the coronal suture and forms a joint with the parietal bones that allows movement Occipital bone: forms the back of the head and connects with the occipital condyles, foramen magnum, and lambodial suture. Parietal bone: The main side of the skull. Sphenoid bone: located under the frontal bone. Temporal bone: the bones that form the inside of the sides of the skull and contain the zygomatic processes, external auditory meatus, stiloid process and mastoid process. The eight auxiliary bones of cranium are: zygomatic: cheek bones maxillary: adjacent to nasal bones nasal: form the bridge of the nose vomer: divides nasal cavity palatine: roof of mouth inferior nasal conchae: lower bones in nasal cavity
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In Depth: Bones of cranium

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