The semispinalis muscle is a transversospinalis muscle found in the human body. It is a very deep layer of muscles classified in the intrinsic muscle group. The semispinalis muscles are the deep muscles located on the sides of the spine. The muscle is divided into three different muscles. The first muscle is semispinalis dorsi. The second muscle is the semispinalis cervicis. Lastly, there is the semispinalis capitis. It comes from the transverse processes of the lower vertebrate. It reaches up across several vertebrates and inserts at the spines of some vertebrates. The muscle reaches up to about half of the vertebrate column. This muscle also happens to be the most superficial layer of the three layers. The semispinalis muscle is located in the back and is very long. The semispinalis muscle is the largest muscle mass in the posterior part of the neck. Also, it is responsible for maintaining posture and for movement of the head and the vertebral column.
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