Right colic vein

The right colic vein is a term that is used to describe a vein that runs parallel to the right colic artery. The right colic artery emerges out of the middle section of the concavity for the superior mesenteric artery. The colic vein drains blood out from both the right flexure and the ascending colon. The colic vein is one of the superior mesenteric vein's tributaries. It travels along with the right colic artery, which corresponds to it. The superior mesenteric vein is the name of a blood vessel that is responsible for draining blood out of the ileum and jejunum of the small intestine. It merges behind the pancreas' neck in order to establish the hepatic portal vein with the cooperation of the splenic vein. The right colic vein is known in Latin as the vena colic dextra. By the ascending colon, the vein splits up into two separate branches, one of which ascends and the other descends. The latter participates in anastomosis with the ileo-colic's colic branch, while the other does so with the middle colic artery's right branch.
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In Depth: Right colic vein

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