Quadratus plantae

The quadratus plantae is a muscle in the foot that extends from the anterior of the calcaneus to the tendons of the digitorum longus. It assists the flexor digitorum longus with toe flexing. The muscle brings the pull of the flexor digitorum longus in line with the length of the foot. The lateral plantar nerve works directly with the muscle. Electromyographics have conducted studies to determine if the muscle is a more important part of the foot than once thought. The scientists behind these studies have concluded that in certain movements the foot uses the muscle as the main toe flexor. Further studies may offer even more information about this muscle's role in human locomotion. The muscle also increases stability of the foot by resisting extension of the toes. When the muscle is not functioning properly it can be a cause of heel pain and claw toe deformity. Diabetic polyneuropathy may cause pain and tingling in the quadratus plantae muscle.
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In Depth: Quadratus plantae

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