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Pubofemoral ligament

The pubofemoral ligament is also known as the pubocapsular ligament. It is a supporting ligament located on the inferior side of the hip joint. It extends from the pubic portion of the acetabular rim and passes below the neck of the femur.

The ligament is composed of a single fiber band. It has a narrow, triangular shape. Due to its narrow structure, it is relatively fragile and injury-prone.

It is attached, below, to the base of the iliopubic eminence. It is attached, above, to the obturator crest and superior ramus of the pubis. It blends in with the joint capsule distally and the medial band of the iliofemoral ligament.

The pubofemoral ligament stabilizes the hip joint. It prevents the joint from moving beyond its normal range of motion, front-to-back and side-to-side. It also limits external rotation of the joint. However, other ligaments play a more important role in limiting the external rotation and extension of the hip. The pubofemoral ligament is considered to be a supporting element of the joint capsule. It reinforces the inferior and anterior capsule.

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In Depth: Pubofemoral ligament

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