Nasal cartilages

The nasal cartilages provide form and support to the nose. They are primarily composed of hyaline cartilage, which is densely packed with collagen. Accessory Nasal Cartilages These are small nasal cartilages that link the greater alar and lateral nasal cartilages. Cartilage of the Septum Also known as the quadrangular cartilage because it is roughly quadrilateral in shape, the cartilage of the septum separates the nostrils. It connects the nasal bones and the lateral cartilages. Greater Alar Cartilage This is a flexible cartilage that forms part of the structure of the nostrils. Lateral Nasal Cartilage A triangular structure, it is located below the nasal bone. Vomeronasal Cartilage Also known as Jacobson's cartilage, this structure connects the nasal septum and the vomer bone. It was named in 1809 by a Dutch anatomist, Ludwig Levin Jacobson. It is close to, but not actually connected with, the vomeronasal organ of Jacobson, which is the body's olfactory organ that detects pheromones. Lesser Alar Cartilages These are three or four small nasal cartilages connected to the maxilla of the jaw.
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In Depth: Nasal cartilages

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