Median basilic vein

The medianbasilic vein is also referred to as the medial cubital vein. It is locatedin the upper limb. It is used most often for taking blood, or venipuncture, andis the connection for the basilic and cephalic veins. The cephalic vein isanother vein located in the upper limb and is also referred to as theantecubital vein. It communicates through the elbow with the median basilicvein to the basilic vein. The basilic vein is large in size. This helps withthe draining of some parts of the forearm and hand. The vein is usually visiblethrough the skin. The median basilic vein lies within the elbow pit (cubitalfossa), which is the area on the anterior of the elbow which is triangular inshape. Additionally, it is superficial to the lacertus fibrosus, also referredto as the bicipital aponeurosis, which is also located in the cubital fossa.

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In Depth: Median basilic vein

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